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Poll: Where do you pump at work?

Just curious what everyone is doing...

(A) In your own office

(B) In another room specifically set aside for pumping or available for everyone

(C) In another room specifically set aside for you (i.e., your employer making a special accommodation for you)

(D) Other

Re: Poll: Where do you pump at work?

  • I have to pump in our breakroom. Not really the ideal place but it does lock.
  • (A) and (C)

    Sometimes I use my office, sometimes I use another room that HR has designated for me -- an empty office on another floor.  I don't like using my own office because I feel a little strange to be pumping around all my co-workers, but it is such a PITA to go downstairs to do it 3X a day.

  • In my own office, but it still doesn't stop people from trying to come in or knocking even when I have the blinds drawn and the door locked. So irritating.
  • A.  My own office.  I lock the door, hook up the pumps and nest away!


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  • D.  My building has a gym and I pump in a shower stall.  It has a bench and is close enough to a plug near the sink.    My employer offered up an empty office for me, but it didn't have any coverings for the windows and I didn't want to be pumping so close to my coworkers anyway.  
  • I used to pump either in my classroom or in a closet. The closet was preferable b/c I taught 4th grade boys and I was too paranoid about them forgetting gym shoes, library books. . . And when I taught in a summer program I had my male college student TA walk in on me- lol- I kept my back turned on him and my sweater over everything- he didn't even realize what I was doing but I talked to him later b/c I was worried I had traumatized him:)
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  • When I was pumping, I did it in my locked office.  They building did have a lactation room, but I prefered to be in the comfort zone of my own office.

  • A. I was using the lactation room in our nurse's office (I used to work in a cubicle), but then an office opened up so my boss moved me. She's a savior, the office is so much more convenient!
  • I pump in a room designated for pumping/resting, that's also available to other employees.
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  • B - i put a sign on the door that says ' in use for breastpumping, please knock' ... but it is use for meetings throughout the day. 
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  • B- we have a mothers room which i use and it has a schedule which we sign up for. BUT when that room is busy then i use the disabled toilet or I walk to another building. I use to travel for work and would pump in the car or the rest room so having a room designated for pumping is a god send!

  • (A)  I know that I am very lucky.
  • (B) In another room specifically set aside for pumping or available for everyone

    We have a "Mother's Room" set aside for those who need to pump.


  • D - my only option was to pump in my car, it worked out OK
  • A.  I'm very lucky

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  • B - There are 4 lactation rooms in my building (one on every other floor).  They are really nice, locked rooms with nice chair, sink, table...
  • C - I pump in the office library. No lock, so I put a sign up on the door when I'm in there. Hardly anyone ever goes in there, anyway.
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