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Progesterone supplement success stories!?

Hi ladies!!

I am sure this has been asked many times before and obviously i'm nervous with my first since I'm not sure what to expect so I just wanted to see if any of you had the same or similar experiences!

I've heard SO many great things about the progesterone supplements so I was looking for some success stories after your doctor took you off of them :) We've seen the heartbeat twice at 6.5 weeks and 8 w 1d  and it was strong and healthy both times!

I've heard a couple times that people spot when they stop the progesterone and i have about a week in between when I am done and my next appointment :) Thanks so much in advance everyone and congrats! Yay babies!!! :)


Re: Progesterone supplement success stories!?

  • My doctor never told me when to stop progesterone supplements.  So, when I saw him today at 14 weeks he was shocked I was still taking them.  It will be my first night not taking it...a little nervous but I know it isn't doing anything at this point.
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  • my doctor tried to wean me at 10 weeks and I had bleeding at 11 weeks (progesterone dropped to 13), so I went back on them.  Now at 14 weeks we are weaning again.  I halved my dosage last week to 200mg and progesterone was 25, so now I am going off of them and he will re-test in a week.  

    my doctor has closely followed my progesterone through lab draws during my entire first tri.  We had a great appt today and the HB was 157bpm.  

    my doctor said the longest he's had a patient on the supplements in 18 weeks, but in the second tri your placenta takes over production of the progesterone so it is really just a 1 tri problem. 

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  • I'm still on progesterone in oil  injections each morning.  My RE said to stop them next week once I start my second trimester.  We'll see how it goes.  My bum is ready for me to be done.  :)
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  • My RE had me on progesterone suppositories from the day after i got my BFP until I was 10 weeks.  I did not have any problems or spotting since I stopped using them 3 weeks ago.

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  • I was on them from week 5-12. My doctor said I could stop taking them at 10 weeks, but I felt more comfortable stopping at 12 weeks. I had no issues.
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  • Yes. I was taking the shots, suspositories, & orally. My doc weaned me off each one already & tested my blood 2 days after. I was finished 1.5 weeks ago & did just fine. I was so sick that they weaned me a week early.
  • I took Prometrium (pill form) from like 3w5d until Saturday, 12w3d. I didn't wean, I just stopped taking them. I haven't had any spotting and so far everything seems to be fine. We had a great NT scan on Monday with a hb of 173. And a bouncy baby Smile

    My sister was on the suppositories and stopped taking them towards the end of the first tri, and she is now 25 weeks and hasn't had any issues.

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  • Here!

    I was on Crinone P4 suppositories for both this pregnancy and my pregnancy with DS.  I had a bit of funky light pink discharge/excess P4 cream a few times both times, but nothing else.  I was on them from the day of my BFP through 12 weeks both times.  

    I had zero spotting when stopping them either time.  Feel free to ask me any questions if you like Smile

    Here's a helpful article on progesterone though if you like to read:

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  • My doctor had me on progesterone until 14 weeks. It's been just a few days of being off the pill and so far I haven't had any issues. I was hoping to be less bloated but so far there is no relief in that area. No spotting though or any other weird issues have popped up. I asked my OB if I should notice anything weird when stopping the pills and she said no.
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  • I did IVF so I had to start progesterone supplements even before I got my BFP. Dr stopped them cold turkey at 10w3d and I had no spotting. I was worried about not weaning off of them but Dr assured me that the placenta had started taking over hormone production at that point so I would be fine. My levels weren't monitored by bloodtest either.
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  • I have NO desire to stop taking them. I don't know why I have to stop in the first place. At my apt next week, my doctor is going to take me off, and I REALLY don't want to be. I forgot to take it 1 night, and I had a TERRIBLE miscarriage dream with color, details, and everything. So like I said, I really don't want off. Does anyone know why you have to stop taking them in the first place? I am going to ask my doctor next week though. :)
  • I was just put on the prometrium pills. I am 6 wks pregnant. Last week my prog. was 13, then it dropped to 9.5. To be safe, my Dr would rather I take them than chance it until the placenta takes over at about week 13.

    To blake: I am not sure if there are any adverse side affects to taking them your whole pregnancy...but the point is to just take them until the placenta takes over.

    I do have a history of miscarriage, but they were all before I even made it to the 1st appt. So, I was fortunate to find out at 4 wks that I was pregnant again so I got to the dr. RIGHT away. The progesterone may have well been what has caused the miscarriages in the past. Regardless, I want to focus on this pregnancy and a healthy baby! Little Voilet or Benson :) I am nervous, but hopeful because I am being watched carefully by my ob and feel confident about this baby. Say a prayer for me! I really want this to happen. Well wishes to all of you and thanks for your good stories. It gives me hope - Love, Jess

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