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Hi, I'm new to this Board.  I'm a FTM living outside of NYC.  I definitely plan on wearing my baby a lot once he or she arrives in July. I have a feeling strollers + subways = frustration.  

I've been reading past posts about different baby carriers and have also immersed myself in online reviews.  Has anyone tried the Lillebaby Nordic Carrier?  I need something that will work for both myself and my husband.  I also would like a carrier that I can use from birth to toddler.  The nordic carrier appears to fit the bill from what I've read, but there are so many choices out there.  It's a little overwhelming.  Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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Re: Lillebaby Carrier

  • My BFF has one and loves it. I borrowed it and thought it was ok, though I do think highly of Lillebaby products in general.  I think the Beco Gemini is more comfortable with its internal harness than the Nordic. Ergos are also very popular.

    That said, soft-structured carriers (what all of those are) are not the only option. Mai Tais also work well from NB to toddler (depending on the size you get) and you can switch it between you and partner with no futzing of buckles and straps (what I don't like about SSC).

    Personally, I adore woven wraps, which DH and I share between us and are optimal for birth through childhood on the front, back, or hip. The downside to them is the learning curve.

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