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NBR: Airline Tickets

Now that L is 2+ and we have to pay for 3 plane tickets, I am having major sticker shock.  Does anyone have any good tips and tricks to find good prices on air fare? 

We're headed to Orlando the week of April 21 - 28th (of course, they are Saturdays) and I really don't want to arrive between 10pm and 12am because that would just throw her entire schedule off for a day or two, but all the airlines that arrive earlier are well over $300 a ticket.


Re: NBR: Airline Tickets

  • Maybe it's just b/c you are seeing all the taxes in the price now.  I heard airline tickets are going up this year. I have no tips.  Supposedly Tuesday's are the best day to buy
  • We have traveled twice so far with my son who is under 1.  We bought him a ticket for all the flights except the one from Bahamas to Orlando because it was such a short flight (they found us a seat anyway). So I don't know do they check the kids IDs when they are lap children? We had to give id as we were going from bahamas to US. Maybe you can fib alittle?


    No tips...some websites say discount for children but it didn't happen for us.

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  • You can't fib.  You'll have to bring a bc or passport. 

    We're going to Orlando on April 13th.  I originally was booked for the 27th and paid, I think, 119 per flight.  I rebooked and am now paying 140.  Southwest has nothing cheaper for Florida right now.  They also recently bought out AirTran and announced that SW will offer less flights to Florida from BUF beginning this summer. 

    My tips: Southwest does have a deal where you sign up for a cc and you get 2 round trips (or 4 flights) for free.  It does cost 50. for an annual fee though.  Also, if you book straight trips it will cost less than if you need to stop at an airport (even if you don't get off the plane) as each airport the airplane "touches" charges security fees. 

    We bit the bullet and opted for late flights since I want the kids to sleep on the plane.  We then have an hour+ drive to our original FL destination.  It's not ideal but we've done it before and Claire usually adjusts pretty well by the next day with the change in schedule. 

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  • I really have no tips other then try searching for the tickets individually because there may be a lesser # at a lower price.  I am trying to book a trip to Orlando and the prices out of Syracuse have nearly tripled since we last went 3 yrs ago.  Here, it is because the competition (Transmeridian) went out of business. 
  • I feel like the ticket prices to Orlando have shot up unreasonably in the last year or two. DH"s family is there so we have to go as often as we can (less often these days because we're broke, which is fine with me of course). I can hardly ever find flights from either SYR or ROC (equidistant for us but a hassle because DH works in Roc) for less than $250 r/t.
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  • I find that is the best search engine for flights.  It compiles results from many other sites and usually has the lowest one listed. 
  • Are your dates flexible? Weekdays are always cheaper. Would you be willing to drive to a larger airport? NYC, Buffalo, Albany are usually less. Also, check some of the airlines that do not participate in search engines... Jet Blue and Southwest come to mind. I grew up in Orlando and still have family there, so i fly that route frequently and I can definitely agree that prices have gone up... But I have found flights for under $100. Good luck.
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