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UMass Memorial (worc) 1 day Sat childbirth class?

Question!? Did anyone take the 1 day all day childbirth class at Umass Memorial in Worcester? It is scheduled for 8:30am-4:30pm and i'm wondering if it really lasts that long. I have another commitment that I need to be at at 4:30 in Salem and I'm wondering if i'll be able to make it.

Also, if you took the class when was the hospital tour portion? That is what i'm looking forward to the most...


Re: UMass Memorial (worc) 1 day Sat childbirth class?

  • Ugh, hated it! My poor husband fell asleep. All they did was talk about c-sections. I thought they were going to tell me how to push and what early labor was going to feel tour was late afternoon.

    I will not take the class again. Next time, I will go to the classes offered at Mothers and Company 

  • We took it and it did get out a little early but not that much.  Yes, the hospital tour was included.  The one I went to didnt spend that much time on c-sections at all (I remember that cuz I ended up having a csection and it was all new to me lol).  It is a long day, that's for sure.
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