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Morris County Photographer Recommendations?

We are looking for someone to take our official first family photo. Our LO was born in August but after mucgh medical struggle she is now ready for pictures!

My husband is suggesting we go to JC Penney or Picture People, I'm not sure about the quality and would rather spend money on what will be great pictures.

 We live in Western Morris County but are willing to travel to a good studio.

Re: Morris County Photographer Recommendations?

  • Hi. I'm actually a children portrait photographer but I only work outdoors in natural light. I just moved here from California where I could work in my 'outdoor studio' year round so I'm new to this whole cold winter thing. I figured I'd share my website with you in case you'd like some portraits once the weather warms up or if you're up for an outdoor shoot on one of the milder days we're experiencing! I could always meet you at a park we both agree on :)

    Good luck!

    Visit The Nest!

    I love her work and she's doing my maternity/newborn pictures within the next few weeks/months.

  • I highly recommend   I actually found her here when looking for a photographer over in the Bump services area and at the time she was offering a great special for Bumpies.  Not sure if she still is but worth looking into.

  • if you ask on the nest NJ board someone will post the list of all NJ Nestie photogrphers, there are quite a few in the area that are neesties- and all do a great job.

    We have used Tina from Life is a Highway... for our newborn photoshoot and 1yo photoshoot for the twins. she's amazing.

    We have also used Kristy - - she did a great job for our family photos last spring. She's newer so more affordable if your budget is raelly tight. 

    another nestie who many have used and does a great job =
    I used to be Goldie_locks_5 but the new nest is so screwed up that I was forced to start over.
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