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Childcare centers in Spring/The Woodlands area

Hi ladies 

I am looking for a daycare center with a great curriculum and learning environment. Unfortunately, my two year olddaughter's current daycare is literally just that, a daycare center. Can any of you recommend centers I should check out? I am open to Montessori schools as well. 

Re: Childcare centers in Spring/The Woodlands area

  • In the Spring area, I have looked into and heard good things about Spell Well Montessori and Spring Klein Montessori (both on Strack Rd between Cypresswood and Louetta).  I also looked into Champions Christian School and that is likely the choice we'll be going with come the fall.  (I need before/after school care but wanted a more "preschool" kind of place rather than a daycare and this was the best fit for me since it's "on my way" to and from work.) 

    I really liked Trinity Lutheran School, but when doing my research I didn't find they had before/after care. (not sure if that's an issue for you or not)

    One of my friends teaches at Northwoods Catholic School and I really liked it as well, but it's out of my way to go to work.  

  • We will be using the Goddard school in the Woodlands area.  Our experience with them so far has been great.  The only thing is that they may have a waiting list.
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