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RP:No response; 5 days of stims. Anybody else?

I had my first US this morning and it looks no different then my US before I started stims.  I am taking Gonal-F (250U) and Lupron(10U) two times a day.  Is it too early to see a response?  I am getting nervous.  TIA.

Re: RP:No response; 5 days of stims. Anybody else?

  • I hate to tell you my experience for IVF last month was not good, I was on menapour and follistim and only had one mature follicle but lots of little ones, it was converted to an IUI, and it failed. I had 7 failed IUI's.  am trying a flare up protocol this month and I hope to have a better repsonse.

    good luck maybe this will be your cycle and it is to early :)

  • I was a slow stimmer, and I was on Follistim AND Repronex.  I think by day 5 I had a lot of little follies but they were just growing very slowly. I had to stim for 10 or 11 days, and I remember feeling so discouraged about it.

    Hang in there! Its not  unusual to be a slow starter.


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  • I am TTTC (not over 35) but I am a very slow responder.  Normally I don't see a response until Day 7-9 of stims.  For this cycle (IVF # 4) I didn't see measurable follicles until day 14 of stims.  I stimmed for 18 days, ER was Thursday and transfer is tomorrow.  We retrieved 11 eggs and have 9 embies growing right now.  I was on 150 U Gonal F and 150 U Luveris


    Good luck.  I hope  things start moving along for you soon.

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