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Teachers...easing the transition

Any ideas on how to ease the transition from the substitute? I am going back in a few weeks and have some ideas, but would like to hear how others went about it. TIA for any suggestions!

Re: Teachers...easing the transition

  • I don't know how old your kids are, but the first time I went back for a visit w/ DD. The kids (4th grade) were so excited to meet her, and the sub and I gave them about 20 minutes to just tell me all of the things that had been going on in their lives (new dogs, new cousins, new things they'd been doing at recess- everything!). This was so helpful b/c you could physically see that all of this had been bottled up- they were literally bursting ready to tell me about what had been going on! After they got all of this "off their chests" they were much calmer.
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  • I am going back Dec. 1st and was never there at the beginning of school so I plan to take DS with me to meet them with the sub about a week or 2 before I return.  I am also going to meet with the sub to find out where she is etc. Hopefully that will ease the transition for me too.

    I haven't thought of a get to know you activity for the day I return!

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