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Ok...newbie with stupid questions (may be long)

Hi all! ?Well, I am fairly new and have been lurking for about a month - a couple of posts here and there. ?I apologize in advance if I don't know the right acronyms and what not yet... husband and I decided to TTC about 2 months ago - in other words, I am on my second month of no pills. ?I don't chart or do the other acronyms I have seen on this board. ?I am 36 and in great physical health. ?I work out approx 8 - 10 hours a week, eat pretty well, never crave sweets and am very in shape and strong. ?This after being 60 lbs heavier only a year and a half ago. ?My family is known for their late pregnancies at very little effort...

From what I can tell with my early research, I ovulated last week and my DH and I definitely "tried" as the term implies.?

My question, as stupid as it sounds, I want to know what very early symptoms could take place. ?I have been "achy" for the past 5 days or so like I have a flu or something - I feel a little feverish. ?My boobs feel no different but I am craving sweets - anything with sugar. ?Especially sour patch kids. ?And I ate a half of a cookie last night with a friend...very strange for me - I usually hate cookies, cake and desserts. ?And I do "just feel" different. ?I am bloated in my belly, have been irregular with my potty things for about a week (mostly constipated) and eating more than usual.

Something else I should mention, my last period was pretty brief for me and not much to it. ?I don't know if that matters. ?I thought it would take quite a while after getting off the pill (esp at my age) before I could get pg. ?That leads to...?

Next week my husband and I leave for 2.5 weeks for our delayed honeymoon to Australia. ?That being said, I am worried I might be pg. I am supposed to start next week so I should have waited to post but I just had to talk to someone. ?You ladies sound awesome (from my lurking sessions) so I thought I would take a chance.

Any thoughts??

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Re: Ok...newbie with stupid questions (may be long)

  • Well good luck and symptoms vary for everyone. I hope you have a great trip and get a BFP when you return.  When do you think you O'd? Usually you can test around 12-15 dpo. Have fun trying and when did you go to your OB last? I hope this works for you

  • Welcome.

    What kind of research did you do to determine when you're ovulating? If you're using an ovulation calendar, it's just a guess.

    Unfortunately, it's very hard to tell early pregnancy symptoms from PMS or ovulation symptoms, and a week after you think you ovulated is too early to be feeling anything strongly indicating pregnancy. But everyone is different. Some people have no symptoms and are pregnant, some people have every pregnancy symptom in the book and aren't pregnant, and everything in between.

    Your brief period could simply be a matter of your body adjusting to being off of hormones.

    By next week you should be either getting your period, or you will be able to test for pregnancy. Then you'll know something before you leave.

    I'm not sure why you're worried you're pregnant. Australia would still be a fun trip very, very early in pregnancy.

    Keep us posted and good luck.

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  • Thanks to you both. ?

    Yeah, I don't know why I am worried either! ?It would still be a fun trip! ?I guess I was just hoping to have an occasional adult beverage or check out some microbrews in Sydney. ?Either way it should be fine.

    I think I am just nervous overall. ?I never thought I wanted kids until I met my husband and his 4 year old daughter. ?Then it all changed. ?So just the thought of me being pregnant and having a baby is surreal to me! ?So my symptoms may actually be nerves more than anything! ?:]

    Thanks for taking the time to respond. ?I will check in when I return to let you know what happens!?

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  • Captain D - I don't have a response but we got married on the same day and both in baltimore. Good luck and have a great time in Australia!
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