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Blue cheese

Is blue cheese dressing a no no?!  

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  • It is (unfortunately) on the no no list...  :(  I want blue cheese in the worst way!
  • Is ranch ok? sorry I really want wings lol


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  • I was under the impression that blue cheese is ok as long as the milk that made it is pasteurized?  I may or may not be planning to add blue cheese to the buffalo chicken dip I'm making (and most definitely eating) today.  0:-)
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  • i love blue cheese dressing, but its on the nono list.  any of the moldy cheese are, as are a lot of the really soft aged ones.  my ob said if its not a smelly and or aged cheese, and has been pasturized (chedder, jack, moz etc) then its ok, but if its really aged or smelly like blue then stay away.
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  • Homemade blue cheese dressing is a no-no, store bought should be OK.  Most cheeses, as long as pasteurized, should be fine.  My practice gave the OK to feta and such as long as it's been pasteurized.

    I've had bleu cheese dressing a few times- just depends how cautious you want to be.

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  • Red Robin Blue Cheese burger was the only thing I wanted for awhile- eat the cheese :)
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  • Eat it. You are fine. As long as it says pasteurizes it is perfectly fine.


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  • Thanks for all the responses, I really appreciate all your help!!!
  • imageSweetTurnip:
    Seriously. Eat the dressing. They can't sell unpasteurized cheese in the US, and I can guarantee that Wishbone or Hidden Valley (or whatever) blue cheese dressing is pastuerized. I've eaten straight blue cheese crumbles on salad. It's completely fine.



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