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I hate my insurance right now!

Since the last cycle was a bust my doctor wants to do clomid and ovidrel(only if everything looks good).  I tried picking up my prescriptions this morning and I can't get my ovidrel at Rite Aid.  The told me the insurance won't let them fill it and it has to go through a specialty store.  I just spent over an hour on the phone getting transferred from person to person and different companies.  The best was when BC/BS gave me the number of a prescription service that my DH's company hasn't used in 2 years.  I finally got through to someone that could help me.  They are processing the request by getting the prescription from Rite Aid and then they need authroization from my doctor.  Once all this is done, they will call me back to let me know how much it is going to cost me and send it out overnight.  I know overnighting it is going to cost a lot. 

I just don't see why I have to go through this when Rite Aid has it in stock and I could just pick it up.  It would have been a lot easier.  Hopefully everything gets straightened out soon since I go next weekend for a sonogram and if everything looks good she will inject me there with it.

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Re: I hate my insurance right now!

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    That sucks.  Hopefully it is the last time you need to worry about any of this and it works for you!

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    That stinks. I hope the cost isn't too bad, and it will be the only time you have to use it!
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    Getting meds is such a pain! Our plan required fertility drugs to be filled through the mail. It was pretty easy and we had great coverage at the time, but I had to sign for the package and get it in the fridge ASAP. I had a bunch of stuff in my first box and it came FedEx. I had to jump through hoops to get it delivered to my bosses house instead of my own.

    I couldn't get the trigger just anywhere, had a little specialty place I had to go through. I had called Wegmans about it and they were clueless.

    I wish my RE would have stocked it and just gave it in office, but nope.

    Good luck and hopefully this is it for you!

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