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double ear infection - amox -> omnicef -> augmentin: can't keep him from throwing up!

Hi all,

My son has his very first ear infection, and it's a double ear infection :( He was diagnosed the second week of January. We took amoxicillin for 10 days, and 2 days after that was done, he came down with a 103 fever...clearly those meds didn't clear up the ear infections. So we went back to the dr and we were given omnicef. Took those for 5 days, and started throwing up every night after his 7pm bottle. So clearly, the meds were upsetting his stomach, so we went BACK to the dr again, and he was taken off omnicef and put on augmentin. And he continues to throw up every night after his nighttime bottle. We've also got him on a probiotic (Culturelle) to help with stomach issues, but it hasn't worked so far (day 2). We've tried giving the meds before eating, after eating, an hour before, an hour after, and nothing seems to work. Any words of advice for this poor momma and her poor baby who can't keep his dinner down?

Re: double ear infection - amox -> omnicef -> augmentin: can't keep him from throwing up!

  • And SORRY for the multiple posts, I have NO idea what happened Huh?
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  • I'm sorry to hear your LO is going through this. We went through the same thing. Amoxicillin didn't clear it up then went onto augmentin. Poor baby was throwing up everywhere. Doctor said kids either do really well or very bad on augmentin. We ended up having to do injection antibiotics. My LO couldn't keep anything down and we were two and half weeks into the double ear infection. Wasn't fun but it finially cleared things up after three shots. Hope you're LO feels better soon.

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  • Thank you! Did the shots upset your LO's stomach? Or did those issues go away? I think I am going to call and request injectables tomorrow...
  • The same thing with my son too.  Amoxicillin didn't clear up his ear infection and neither did Omnicef.  Augmentin upset his stomach so bad to the point he stopped eating and drinking and was dehydrating.  We brought him to urgent care and they gave him a Rocephin shot and he had a bad local reaction to it.  Apparently he cannot take any antibiotics at this point.  We are currently using sweet oil drops to help dry them up and seeing a chiropractor too.
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  • We did three rounds of the shots (one every other day) and it cleared things up. Good luck!
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  • We JUST WENT THROUGH THIS! Almost exactly the same story but it was a double for nearly 3 months straight. He threw up his oral antibiotics 9 times out of 10 and we went through every type a baby under 1 can have. His stomach was so messed up he went from 3 solid meals and 2 dirty diapers a day to less than 1 solid meal and 5-7 dirty diapers a day. Finally, this week we got the Rocephin shots, Mon-Wed. No reactions and by Wed his ears had dramatically improved. He wants to eat again and though he has had a little diarrhea, he is remarkably better all around. Good luck!

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