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Birthing Centers in or near a hospital (Newton, MA)


I'm moving to Newton soon & I'm starting to get confused by all the delivery options.  I think I'd like to deliver in a birthing center (to avoid typical hospital issues like rushing to a cesarean, not letting you move around, not letting the baby be with you after cesareans, etc.).  But I'd like the birthing center to be in or very near a hospital in case an issue arises.  Any opinions would be helpful.


Re: Birthing Centers in or near a hospital (Newton, MA)

  • Check out Newton Wellsley. I've heard good things!
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  • I live in Newton and delivered at the Brigham, which worked out since I needed a NICU.  But, check out Newton-Wellesley - they have a lower level NICU and if you need the services of a bigger hospital, they will transfer you to the Brigham.
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    I'm pretty sure it's right across the street, but have a look at their website.  You could also look at Harvard Vanguard Medical Association.  I know the one that I go to (Chelmsford) has wonderful midwives.  While I'm delivering in a hospital, Lowell General, I still get the feel of a birth center/natural birth. GL!

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  • I could be mistaken, but I believe the only two free standing birth centers in Massachusetts (or at least eastern MA) are the Cambridge Birth Center (affiliated with Cambridge Hospital) and the North Shore Birth Center (affiliated with Beverly Hospital).  I've heard good things about both and am currently seeing a midwife affiliated with the Cambridge Birth Center (though I haven't decided yet whether I want to deliver at the hospital or the birth center-- I have the option of either).  In addition, many hospitals have midwifery practices that allow for a low-intervention birth within the hospital setting.  


    ETA: Cambridge Birth Center is definitely right across the street from the hospital.  Not sure about the North Shore Birth Center. 

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  • Although I wound up having an emergency c-section at Cambridge Hospital, I was thrilled with my prenatal care at Cambridge Birth Center, which is right across the street from the hospital.  There is something about having the head of the facility with the lowest cesarian rate in the state telling you that the surgery is necessary that makes it much easier to believe.

    The new maternity suite at the hospital is also very nice and the staff was excellent.  In the end I was grateful for the three days of postoperative hospital time and the constant lactation help we had.  With any luck I'll be going back for my VBAC.

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