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Anyone remember cramping?

I've had period like cramps for the last few days. My lower abdomen tightens and truly reminds of period cramps, I feel like I should take a tylenol. My lower back is killing me as well : (

I dont remember much from my first pregnancy, so bare with my questions. That pregnancy just seems so long ago already!!!!

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Re: Anyone remember cramping?

  • how far along are you now?  Remember, the more water you drink, the better you will feel!

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  • sorry, forgot to add that I will be 32 weeks on Friday.
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  • I started having painful period cramps around 30ish weeks and it turned out I was dehydrated evn though I felt like I was drinking enough water.
  • I had them throughout my entire pregnancy. They did get stronger around 30wks. When I was delivering, I told the doctor those were the same cramps I had throughout the preg. she said, they were contractions.

    I can't believe you are 32wks already. I'm so happy for all you pregnant girls.

  • I experienced that starting around 26 weeks. It was ruled out to be preterm labor but the contractions were not doing anything. Definitely make sure you are drinking a ton of water. When you feel them come if you can try to drink 2 large glasses of water and lay on your left side for about 30 minutes. If they don't subside or get even more frequent call up your doc.
  • I'm 36 weeks today (holy cow!!) and I have been having cramping too, I think mine started around where you were....
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