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if you have naturally curly hair?

How often do you straighten your hair?

What products do you use? (for when you leave curly and for when you straighten)


Re: if you have naturally curly hair?

  • 1. somewhere between rarely and never.


    2. An awesome conditioner (can be a few different brands), and just a bit of gel. Sometimes some of the suave smoothing cream. 


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  • I don't leave mine curly very often cause I hate the way it looks, so what I do to get it straight is:

    -Wash with Panteen Breakage to Strength Shampoo and Conditioner (seriously reduces frizz).

    -Run Moroccan Oil through it while still damp.

    - Blowdry with round brush then flat iron the shiit out of it.

    I've tried to get a cut that works with my hair but so far I haven't been successful. A hairdresser once told me I had typical French Canadian hair (really curly underneath near the neck, and frizzy/flat at the crown). She said the only way to fix this if I wanted a curly look was to get some top sections permed and I'm too chicken to do something so permanent.

    But with LO2 on the way, I kind of want something more low-maintenance so I've been considering it.

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  • I never do. It's a PITA, and I am unskilled.
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  • Very, very rarely wear it straight BUT I just got it cut recently and I don't like the way it looks curly any more (she effed up the layers) so I've been straightening it more. I use Paul Mitchell Straight Works when it's damp and then after blowdrying and/or using a straightening iron (which I don't have so I only do that if I borrow one) I usually put a super tiny amt of this anti-frizz shine serum (can't remember what it's called) by Garnier.

    Curly products vary based on the length of my hair but I use a fair amount of Tresemme. I've used a lot of the higher end stuff and haven't noticed a big difference./ 

  • I rarely straighten my hair anymore. It's just too much work and I don't really go anywhere that I feel the need to straighten it. Tongue Tied

    When I wear my hair curly, I use the Aveda line of Be Curly products. Most days I always put at least the Be Curly Curl Enhancer in my hair. If it is a high humidity climate, I use the enhancer in combo with their liquid gel. 

    When I wear it straight, I use almost any type of straightening product since it doesn't seem to matter as much what I use to keep my hair curly. But I still use the Aveda smoothing fluid to help with shine.

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  • Yesterday was the first day I straightened my hair since LO was born. I don't use any straightening product-just a round brush and blow dryer, followed by either a curling iron or straightening iron. I use the cheap Suave mousse for my curls. It's the only thing that works for me, and I've tried it all.
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  • I straighten it pretty frequently.  Mostly because then I don't have to wash it everyday and can still go to work w/out looking like bozo the clown (although I do usually ahve to hit it w/ the hairdryer and round brush on the second day and maybe the flat iron).  When I straighten it I use Frederic Fekkai Ironless Straightening Balm.  It's miraculous. 
  • imagechapski:

    How often do you straighten your hair? Lately, rarely since I barely have time to shower.  Pre-L, I probably straightened it about half the time.

    What products do you use? (for when you leave curly and for when you straighten)

     For everyday curls, I use Short Sexy Hair's "Rough and Ready" product because I love the name (and it works).  Or any old hair gel with a medium hold works.

    For straight, I use a babyliss straightener, and then after I use the rough and ready to hold it in the style I want.

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  • I usually only wash my hair 3 or 4 times a week. I love Its a 10 products. Their leave in conditioner is amazing. I sometimes blow dry it after I wash it and then I will straighten it a bit in the morning. Other than that I can just put it in a pony tail bun overnight and I get wavy hair for a couple days. 
  • I rarely ever straighten.

    Aveda confixor when I keep it curly.  I hated my curl for years until I found this product.  LOVE IT!

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  • I only straighten mine a couple of times/year.  I have pretty coarse curly hair and after much trial and error here is my system.  Wash with shampoo once or twice a week ( what ever is on sale).  Rinse and condition every second day.  Use morrocan oil followed by Catwalk Curls Rock Creme.  If necessary I spritz in a detangler or leave-in conditioner to freshen it up on day 2 ( whatever is on sale).
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