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Everyone was telling me I was having a girl

And I was so anxious because thats what I really wanted!!! I already made my baby registry full of girl things because I just couldn't help the thought of a baby girl in my stomach.

So I went and got my A/S today! Everything was measuring perfectly to 19 weeks. My little bean had its legs crossed for a while so I was getting worried! But we finally confirmed baby is a GIRL! I'm proud to say I'm gonna be the mother of a little princess!! Good thing I already own so much pink stuff :) 


BEAN *06/29/2012*

Re: Everyone was telling me I was having a girl

  • I thought you were gonna say LO was a boy after you thought all of that stuff... But, congrats!
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  • Everyone told me girl too and ours is 100% boy! Even yesterday, this girl at work that's supposed to be super awesome at guessing said "you're having a girl" and when I told her it was a boy, she asked me if I knew for sure. I said yes, we found out on Friday.

    I think most people said girl because they wanted it to be a girl, not that they really came to that conclusion based on any evidence or reason.

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