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Birth Story Twin Edition (Long, and of course PIPs!)

Hello friends!  The babies are fed and asleep, so I'm hoping I have some time to write out my birth story.  In true Lauralew fashion, this will probably get long. :)

Short version: Walter Allen was born at 5:54pm weighing 5lb 8oz and measuring 17.5 inches.  Eleanor Joan was born at 5:56pm weighing 6lb 6oz and measuring 18.5 inches.  I attempted a vaginal delivery, but after a few hours of pushing I ended up having a c-section.

Long version: I woke up around 3:30am to go pee.  After peeing I was standing by bed taking a few gulps of water when I felt "the gush."  I ran back to the bathroom and yelled at Justin.  (He, of course, had been up late watching Storage Wars on TV and had just gone to bed.)  I called L&D, who advised me to take a shower if I wanted and to come in.  Justin was a little out of it, running around getting things together.  I was surprisingly calm.  I had another big gush, and decided to just stay on the toilet for a while.  We called my mom and doula and headed off to L&D.

HINT: EAT SOMETHING BEFORE YOU CALL L&D!!!!!!  My doula told me this, but I totally forgot in the moment.  I wasn't allowed to eat until 24 hours after my c/s.  And I had to start with bland food, and then I completely lost my appetite (more on that later). 

We arrived around 4:45am and checked in.  I was feeling crampy, but nothing too intense.  Around 7:30am my contractions really started.  Once again, not as intense as I thought it would be.  It sucked though, because I had to stay in bed mostly because of the heart monitors.  At shift change my nurse was actually really awesome and let me sit on the yoga ball/walk around.  She even held the monitors on me for a little bit to help me stay comfortable.  We discussed with the OB on call (Dr. Ripps!) my options re: vaginal vs. c/s.  I decided I wanted to try for vaginal because the OB was comfortable with it, fully understanding that could change.

So maybe around 1pm I got an epidural. I was 6cm dilated/90%effaced. I was super proud of myself for making it that long without the epi.  My doula said I was doing better than my sister did.  Woot!  After the epi Justin and I took a nap.

At some point I started doing practice pushes during cervical checks.  By 4pm it was time to go to the OR to start pushing (twin deliveries are usually in the OR just in case an emergency c/s is needed).  So I pushed in the OR for an hour and half.  They even brought in the "birthday team" of nurses, etc for the babies because everyone thought they babies would be here really quickly. The OB left for about thirty minutes, and when she returned there had been no progress.  That's when we decided to have a c/s.  Right before she said that I was yelling at myself in my head for not just having the c/s because I was so dang tired of pushing.  They quickly set up for the c/s.  It all happened pretty quickly.  Everyone in the room was great.  The anesthesiologist was awesome.  

After they delivered each baby they popped them over the curtain for us to see.  Tears, tears, tears.  This is when it's a blur...  I think Justin was over with the babies while they were being cleaned up.  After they were all cleaned up and wrapped up, they brought them over to me.  I was feeling so tired and woozy.  It was really hard to concentrate.  At some point Justin left with the babies and didn't come back.  I was falling in and out of sleep at this point.  I finally asked someone what was happening.  I was hemorrhaging and they were trying to fix it.  Once again, everyone in the room was great.  The anesthesiologist stayed with me and kept asking me how I was feeling, etc.

Eventually they stopped the bleeding.  I guess I lost about 2 liters of blood.  I was begging for food, but they wouldn't let me for 24hr.  I begged for ice chips, which they gave me but only in little bitty bites.

My mom, sister, and dad spent some time with me in recovery while Justin was with the babies in the NICU.  They were technically NICU patients because they were early, but they had no health reasons to be in the NICU.  I got to hold them for a little while before going back to my room in L&D.  I stayed the night there and then moved over to the postpartum wing the next day.

Recovery was rough in some ways and easy in others.  Because of all the blood loss, I was really weak.  I had one awesome nurse in PP, and the rest were just eh.  The lactation consultants were absolutely awesome.  I was pumping every three hours to stimulate milk production and also attempting nursing with the babies at every feeding while they were being supplemented with formula.

We were discharged on our fourth day there.  The first night was really rough (sleep deprived new parents is a scary thing).  I started feeling sick the second night we were home.  I lost my appetite, was nauseous, and just exhausted.  The home health nurse who was checking the babies' weight made me call my OB to make an appointment right away.  I was crying all the time, and I felt awful.  I was pumping every three hours and was producing less than an ounce a day.  I really, really wanted to breast feed.  But after meeting with OB (and sobbing for two days) we decided I needed to stop pumping.  I am still a little sad about it, but I am feeling so much better.  I feel like I am actually bonding with my babies rather than just being attached to a pump while other people fed them.

They have both surpassed their birth weights and are eating really well.  I am still adjusting, but my mom has been here and helping quite a bit.  Justin is doing an amazing job, though I think he may bite my mom's head off soon.  My MIL will be here next Saturday to stay with us for a week. 

I am already back to my pre-pregnancy weight (actually a few pounds less), but my body is definitely nothing like it was before!! 

Okay, since you went through all of that, here are some pictures of the little ones!! 

Little Baby Walter:


Little Baby Eleanor:


Walter and Eleanor:



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Justin + Laura 10.18.08
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Walter Allen and Eleanor Joan 1.15.12
Another baby on the way! 8.25.14


Re: Birth Story Twin Edition (Long, and of course PIPs!)

  • OMG! They are adorable!!! :) Congrats on your precious babies! Glad your feeling better too!

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  • That sounds like such an ordeal and a bit scary after the birth. So glad that you and the babies are okay!!  Walter and Eleanor are absolutely adorable!!!  Congrats sweetie!  
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  • I have been anxiously awaiting your birth story!  I am SO incredibly excited for you!  Walter and Eleanor are absolutely perfect!
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  • aw, they are precious!! Huge congrats!
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  • Wow, what a story Laura!  I have been waiting on pins and needles for you to post and then I was kinda worried when you didn't.  I kept telling myself she's probably really, REALLY busy!  I'm glad that you're doing better and I'm sorry to hear about your ups and downs (the loss of blood and the breast feeding).  Very scary, but at least you've got your beautiful babies and are enjoying motherhood!  Can't wait to join you on PAL and see those cuties grow!
  • They are gorgeous!  So glad you are on the mend and everyone is thriving!

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  • Congrats!  They are absolutely adorable :)
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  • I'm so happy for you! The babies are just perfection. I'm so sorry that you had to have any scary or sad moments, but glad that you're starting to feel better. I'm very proud of you! 
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  • Wow, glad everything is ok and I love the pics of the babies!  :)  Congrats!
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  • They are so precious and I love your detailed birth story. What a rush----and I think you made the right call when you stopped pumping. It must be a hard thing to 'give up' in some ways, but if you are feeling much better then there is no looking back.

    Congrats, mama. You have two beautiful babies!!

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  • Congrats lauralew!!!!!! they are adorable. so happy to hear you all are healthy and doing well :) can't wait to see you on the PAL board :)
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  • Congratulations!  They are beautiful!
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  • They are beautiful! Congratulations again! 
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  • Congratulations Mama!!  They are beautiful!!
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  • I have been wondering how you have been doing ( I was getting worried but then figured you had your hands full).  The first few days after they were born sounded really rough for you.....that really stinks.  So glad you are feeling better.  Walter and Eleanor are are absolutely adorable.  I love the one of them snuggled up together. 

    Congratulations!  I am so happy for you and Justin! 

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  • Laura they are just perfect!! congrats again my friend! xoxo
  • They are so cute!
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  • CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!  I teared up at their pics - they are so cute, and I'm so happy for you and Justin!
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  • Congrats Lauralew!!  So glad you posted your story.  I'm glad to hear you're starting to adjust and feel better.  Walter and Eleanor are beautiful!!

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  • Wow they are such beautiful babies! So glad you are feeling better too. Congrats!!
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  • Oh my gosh they are soooo cute! Thanks for sharing! I'm glad you are at peace and happier formula.  I was given the same advice, to not stress too much and put so much pressure. You have some beautiful babies. Congrats!
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  • They are gorgeous!! Congrats!!
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  • Sweetest babies ever!  So happy for you!  Sorry recovery and bf weren't much fun at first, but glad you're all doing so well.
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  • Awww, laura I miss you! I am so happy that your babies are here and obviously they are just too adorable. Wishing you a speedy recovery sweet lady. ((hugs)) 
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  • They are absolutely beautiful! Congratulations!  
  • They are completely adorable!! Congrats!
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  • Laura!  They are adorable!  I am so sorry that things didn't turn out exactly the way you wanted but I am happy that you are home and doing well now!
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  • Oh my goodness, they are adorable! Way to go mama. Congratulations!!!!



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  • Oh my goodness, they are just too cute!! Huge congrats!!
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  • Those are some dang beautiful babies!!. Congratulations Laura!!
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  • Congratulations!  They are so beautiful!  Glad you are feeling better, have fun with your babies new mommy!!
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  • Congratulations! They are beautiful, job well done! Glad you're feeling better!
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  • They are adorable!!

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  • so cute! i'm so happy it all went well
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  • Holy Cow, look at them napping together!  SO frigin adorable!  Great job mama!  The beginning is rough.  Sleep deprivation is no joke, but I promise it gets better! :)
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  • Beautiful story & babies!!! Congrats girl!!!!
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  • your babies are absolutely gorgeous!!!!!! congrats....
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  • Yay! Congrats momma! They look perfect!
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  • Congrats on your twins.
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