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u/s tomorrow

 i will be seven weeks tomorrow. so i went for all of my blood draws. i think there was five total. because of my chemical pregnancy, my doctor wanted to follow up with me often. got my results yesterday and my numbers were great. i was supposed to go on monday for a viability ultrasound but instead he said to come in tomorrow. i am kinda bummed because i wanted my husband with me but i am bringing my mom instead at least. i am sooo nervous! i know everyone has been saying it will be transvaginal and i have had internal ultrasounds to check for cysts in the past so i am assuming it will be basically the same thing? what can i expect? any thoughts and prayers would be greatly appreciated!! thank you!

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  • Good luck tomorrow! T&P to you :)  I had an u/s at 7 weeks and they did a transvaginal one too.

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  • Best of luck tomorrow.  I'm sorry your husband can't be there, but at least you'll have some support from your mother.  I had a transvag u/s at 7w4 days.  They pretty much just looked to see how far the baby had developed.  They were able to capture some pics and even the heart rate (a strong 144).  Then the technician looked at my tubes and ovaries and that was about it.  Relatively easy and fast.  
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  • Good Luck tomorrow. Like first u/s's were also transvag.
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  • Good luck tomorrow! Many T&P coming your way!
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