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What's more important?

Sorry if this is a totally newb question - but what's more important, temping at the same time or temping after 3 full hours of sleep? I have the bladder of a two month old and wake up usually 2-3 times a night to pee. Sometimes it's an hour before I have to wake up for work (when I usually temp). I'm wondering if I should start temping when I wake up to pee after sleeping 3 hours straight instead. I'm hesitant to set a middle of the night timer, because my sleeping is already disturbed enough with waking up. I am seeing my temps kind of all over the place which is why I ask. Any advice or ideas would be appreciated. 

Re: What's more important?

  • Temping after 3+ hours is more important for me, but everyone is different. If your temps are all over the place, I would suggest trying to set your alarm around the time you wake up to use the bathroom.
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  • I asked this a couple weeks ago. I was told that it is more important to temp after 3 solid hours.
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  • Better to temp after 3 hours than at the same time. Lately it's like my body is anticipating the 5 a.m. alarm, so I've been waking up 4:00. I just temp then. If I enter the earlier time on FF I get open circles, so I keep the FF default time at 5, even if it was earlier. I just don't like seeing those darn open circles, and if it's after 3 hours I really don't think it makes a difference.
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  • Yeah, 3 hours of solid sleep is usually considered the more important part.
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  • So glad you asked this question - I have the exact same problem. On a good night I get up twice and up to four times on a bad night. Such a pain! I'm glad to know to just use the three hour one now.
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  • I also wake often... I take a temp when I wake after at least 3 hrs.... usually 2-3 am, and then when i'm getting up for the day around 630.  I've been charting the 630 temp, but making sure to note any temps I take during the night
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