Pregnant after a Loss

Oh to be naive and fertile. . .

So in the midst of my m/c hell, my nephew knocked up his girlfriend. The baby was born while he was a senior in high school. It just touched a sore spot for me at the time.

Anyway, my sister just anounced on fb that she's pregnant again! The first baby isn't even one yet. (also, the baby has her own fb page and has since before birth which annoys me) The kicker is that she is 4 or 5 weeks along! Really? The whole family is announcing this early? I didn't announce till I was 20 plus weeks.

It just rubbed me the wrong way. Honestly i barely know that side of my family so i don't have a ton of room to talk. I do wish them the best, but it still irritates me a little.

Gahh! Thanks for listening to my vent.
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Re: Oh to be naive and fertile. . .

  • Vent away!

    I get annoyed when I see anyone announce that early! But "they" never seem to have complications. Maybe that's what we should've done...FB announce at 4 weeks Stick out tongue

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  • This highly annoys me too :) I didn't announce that we were pregnant with Isabelle until we heard the HB on the doppler which was about 10 weeks and actually I'm 10 weeks now and I refuse to tell anyone! Oh how things change when you're smacked in the face by reality :)
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  • I think all of us can understand your frustration!  You're not alone :o)
  • I completely get it and feel your frustration. I get annoyed by the same types of situations. Annoyed probably isn't even the right word. 
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  • I totally get it!!  ::hugs::
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  • I get annoyed when I see that kind of stuff too....though I think with me it is more that I am annoyed that I will never be that naive again. 
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  • Ugh that is so irritating...and especially the part about making a FB page for a baby who isn't even born yet...that's just crazy!
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  • Completely understand. My family is pretty similiar, my older sister had two unplanned pregnancies at 19 and 20. My younger sister just had a baby last week, completely unprepared and unplanned (she didn't realize she was even pregnant until the 2nd tri) and broke down in tears (not joyful) when she found out.... I am struggling with each FB post about how this was such a great thing out of a bad relationship (some guy she barely knew). Anyway sorry to hyjack the post, but I definately understand and you are not alone.
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  • I feel your pain. 


    My step-cousin is pregnant and is due two days after me. She must have announced before the stick was dry because she started facebooking about her pregnancy at 3 weeks 6 days. She posts daily about how much she loves her baby and posts baby bump pics every other day (that's called bloat dear!). She even said she felt her baby move at 9 weeks....uh yeah...AW anyone? Her favorite post is how much her baby loves her.... ugh.... (I'm pregnant and cannot stand it, so I cannot imagine how people struggling could stand her posts)

    I don't mean to step on anyone's toes, but I definitely am judging here... My cousin does not even have a boyfriend. She is unsure who the father is and vents regularly on facebook about the two possible fathers and how she is upset that they don't want a part in her pregnancy.  She works three jobs to try to make her single lifestyle work and vents that she is $20K in credit card debt on facebook (dear sweety - you are a single gal. How did you get $20K in debt? How rocking is your lifestyle!?) 

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  • I feel like I should be in a place where this kind of stuff doesn't bother me.  I guess my bitter is showing a little. I mean, really, it's the totally unprepared, still in high school, no plan, no means to support the baby people who seem to have it so easy. Then do it again! Meanwhile, DH and I have basically "followed the book" on everything. So many of us.

    Alright. This negativity is toxic and I need to stop.  I'm repacking my bitter and putting it under the bed.

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  • I'm amazed and concerned for people who announce that early.  I was shocked recently when a guy from HS posted on FB that his wife told him that evening she might be pregnant.  He had to post an update a couple of days later saying that she wasn't pregnant, and I was astounded.  DH doesn't really do FB, but I would have kicked his a** if he'd posted things that are so personal on his FB page.

    I was very naive with my first pregnancy, though I had a major fear of a missed miscarriage since I had gotten pregnant easily and nothing happens easily for me- just not my luck.  Even then, we didn't tell people until 10 weeks when I relied on info from my OB that the miscarriage rate after hearing and seeing the heartbeat was only around 3%.  This time, we waited until 16 weeks to really go public with our news.

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