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after workout quesiton (sorry if TMI)

So those that read my post about Zumba earlier, I went and it was awesome!! I had a blast and didn't feel like I over did. When I got home I had a huge amount of white discharge. For those of you working out, is this normal to have after a workout or did I do too much? I am feeling fine, no cramps or bleeding.
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Re: after workout quesiton (sorry if TMI)

  • I get a ridiculous amount of white discharge even after just walking around all day, shopping. I don't worry about it too much since I feel her kicking as soon as I sit down.
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  • I also have white discharge after working out. No idea why. I would say its normal, but who am I to say that? :) Congrats on completing your Zumba workout.
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  • Yup, the snail trail is normal as long as it doesn't get a funky smell or turn greenish.
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  • Yeah after an eventful day I have alot of discharge as well. I think the movement kind of "pushes" it out
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  • Same here after spin classes. 
  • yup, and it lasts a while for me.
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