Trying to Get Pregnant

Just another newb intro.

Hello Ladies,

My Hunky Husband and I are on our first round of trying for a spawn. No worries, I have read the newb link, have lurked a while, and welcome any snark you want to toss my way. I am temping with FF and working the OPKs too. I have my sh!t together. I thought I would start adding my invaluable 2 cents in sometimes, so I thought I would introduce myself first.

On another note, since this is the first time in my life that I could actually for real be pregnant (aside from all those "Oh my god what if he has super condom eating sperm and I have super-powered eggs, I'd better take a test" moments) I am slkhaflkhsdlkfh freaking out.

Re: Just another newb intro.

  • Hm, my FF ticker didn't work properly. That sucks.
  • Hmmmmm... I think I'm going to like you. Welcome and good luck!
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    Me:29 DH:30
    TTC since 10/11
    HSG, BW, Ultrasound, SA, Genetic testing, Karyotype - all normal
    DX - Unexplained IF
    3/13-9/13 - 2 Clomid IUIs & 3 Injectable IUIs - All BFN
    Cycle 25 - IVF w/ antagonist protocol - ER 11/18 (11R, 9F) - ET 11/23 (1 "good" early blast) - none left to freeze - BFN
    Cycle 26 - IVF w/ antagonist protocol  - ER 1/17 (12R, 11M, 8 F) - ET 1/22 (2 "good" expanded blasts) 
    2 frosties - Beta 2/4 - BFP! 2104, 2/7 -  4780, ultrasound 2/12 - holy shiz, there are 2!
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    welcome and good luck to you!

    ::The sudden disappointment of a hope leaves a scar that even the ultimate fullfillment of that hope cannot fully erase:: Thomas Hardy

    BFP #1: 07/08/11  EDD: 03/22/12  Missed miscarriage @ 8w: 08/11/11, stopped growing @ 6w6d
    BFP #2: 03/26/12  EDD: 12/07/12  We have a HB at 7w!! (04/20/12)  CSD born 12/12/12 
    BFP #3: 08/05/14  Chemical Pregnancy at 4w3d 08/06/14
    BFP #4: 10/02/14  EDD: 06/10/15  Miscarriage at 6w6d 10/22/14

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  • Welcome and GL!!
  • Welcome and GL!
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  • Welcome and GL!

  • Welcome & GL!
    TTC #1 since 8/2011
    Dx: Endometriosis(2000) & Uterine Fibroids
    Sept 2012-March 2013: TTA for surgery & recovery; surgery removed: neuroendocrine tumor & 30% of pancreas, 
    endo on diaphragm & in abdomen, & uterine septum
    April 2013: 5mg Femera - IUI cancelled
    May 2013: Cycle cancelled; CD3 estradiol levels too high
    June 2013: Cycle cancelled; umbilical hernia found; surgery to repair
    July 2013: IUI #1.2 - 5mg Femera + trigger = BFN
    Aug 2013: IUI #2 - 5mg Femera + trigger = BFN
    Nov 2013: surgery to remove 8cm fibroid from uterus & clean up endo
    March 2014: IVF #1 - Gonal F & Menopur; retrieved 12 eggs; 6 fertilized; 0 made it to blast
    moving on to DE
    July 2014: FET #1 w/ DE; cancelled due to clots in uterus; hysteroscopy to remove fibroid.
    Hopefully beginning FET #1.2 in late August/early Sept.

  • Welcome!
    After many years and tears our baby boy is finally here
    Born 11-6-10

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  • Phew. FF ticker is now in business!
  • Welcome!  You sound like you're gonna be fun to have around.  GL to you!
  • Yes Awesome intro, I think you'll do fine here :) Hope your stay is short and sweet!
    Me: 30, DH: 33 Married 8/3/08
    BFP 7/16/2012 (8th cycle), EDD 3/27/2012, Delivered 3/24/2013 - IT'S A BOY!
  • I like you already. Welcome!
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  • imageSpartanGirl24:
    Hmmmmm... I think I'm going to like you. Welcome and good luck!

    My sentiments exactly. Yes

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  • Welcome! Hope you have a short stay!

    ~TTC#1 Since July 2011~ 
    Dx: Fibroids & Tubal Infertility
                                                        9/12 -IVF#1 =BFN; 5/14 -IVF#2=BFP:-) EDD 2.19.2015                                                

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  • Welcome! And, yes, also freaking terrified.
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