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this constipation is killing me..sorry maybe TMI

But I have noone else to talk to abt this! I am so freakin constipated and it's def NOT helping my bump bloat! I take a stool softner daily with my PNV and its been a few days since Ive been able to go to the bathroom. I ate prunes today, took a long walk, increased my fluids and finally surrendered and took a (preg safe) laxative and still NOTHING. I am afraid to take anything else as I am afraid to be running to the bathroom tonight....any advice? tips?
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Re: this constipation is killing me..sorry maybe TMI

  • No tips, just wanted to let you know I feel your pain :( Hope you're able to poo soon!
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  • Girl, I was in the same boat back then. Awful. 

    What helped me....tons of water, applesauce, activia yogurt and most important Fiber One cereal. I liked the caramel delight one the best.

    Good luck. I hope it gets better soon. 

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  • I'm with you!  I have been loading up on fiber...but not much activity in the poop department.  Even when I do go, my doo doos are like little rabbit poops :(  Yuck, I know, but can anyone say if this goes away later in pregnancy??
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  • No advice, I just totally agree that this constipation sucks! 
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  • I have no advice, but sympathy.  I'm right there with you.  I have to take an iron supplement along with my PNV that contains iron and all that iron really backs things up.  I was so uncomfortable all day today because I hadn't gone in a few days.  I miss taking a regular poop more than I miss alcohol or high heels.  
  • Probiotics! Go get some. Go to health store and buy the ones that have 20 billion in a pill. It's like eating a gallon of yogurt. Helps keep me flowing. Constipation is literally a PITA.
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