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Fun with cm...

Has anyone else gotten ewcm a week AFTER positive opk's? My opk turned negative Wednesday night...

Re: Fun with cm...

  • Yes, you can have fertile quality CM any time in your cycle.
  • imageCityBee:
    Yes. I tend to have it for the majority of my cycle.


    This, plus I get tons of EWCM right before AF shows, more then during my fertile week. 

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  • I always have ewcm throughout my cycle.
  • I usually get it before my period as well as during my fertile window.
    Me 41  DH 33  Married 09/03/2011
    DD1  EDD 08/18/01, born 08/03/2001 ~ 9lbs 10oz, 21.5 in
    DS1  EDD 4/30/2004, born 05/04/2004 ~ 10lbs, 22 in
    mc 02/14/12 @ 5 weeks
    DD2  EDD 12/25/12, born 12/30/12 ~ 10lbs 11oz, 21.25 in
    mc 12/05/15 @ 12 weeks
    Cautiously expecting 12/02/16

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