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Clearblue easy digital OPKs

Just curious as to how many of. You have used the CB digital tests and your success with them, how long it took. Etc...  I used them for the first time last cycle so just waiting for a missed AF now hopefully!  Thanks!

Re: Clearblue easy digital OPKs

  • I got a BFP first cycle using them, unfortunately had a m/c. Have been using ever since, and they seem pretty accurate. One or two days after I get a smiley face, my temp goes up. However, I get a LOT of errors with them! No idea why, and I end up wasting a lot of strips. It was getting really expensive! So now I just recently switched to Wondfos for this cycle. When I thought I had a positive on the wondfo, I confirmed with the digital OPK and I got my smiley face. Hope that helps!
    Me- 35 Dx endo; DH- 33 no probs.
    BFP#1 (totally a wonderful surprise)- 3/10/11. IUFD 6/25/11. 
    TTC since 8/2011.
    BFP#2- 11/1/11. EDD 7/6/12. Blighted ovum 12/1/11.

    New OBGYN 12/2012- CD3 labs, SA, HSG normal. 
    First RE appt 1/16/2013. Unexplained infertility. Lap planned. 

    12/2012- Clomid 50mg + TI= BFN 
    1/2013- Clomid 50mg + TI= BFN.

     Lap 2/11/2013- Removed endo. 

    3/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN
    4/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN
    5/2013- Clomid + IUI= BFN

    June 2013- Time for a new RE!

    July 2013- We're in Shared Risk! Love my new RE!
    August 2013- IVF#1- 14 R, 11F, transferred 1 perfect blast, 5 day 5 frosties= BFN.
    Sept 2013- Let's get ready for FET October 7th ish!< transfer 2 embies 10/11/13.......BFP 10/18/13!!!!/div>

    PAIF/SAIF and everyone is welcome. If I can make even one person's journey less painful, I will consider my experience here successful. Thank you to all for sharing their stories, the intimate details of their lives, their knowledge, and their hearts. I hope this experience changes me, always for the better.
  • So sorry about your m/c :(

    But glad to hear they work well for you! Good luck to you and thanks for the reply!

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  • I only use them to confirm a positive because they are expensive. 

    Are you charting your temps? OPKs will help you time sex based on a surge, but temping will help you confirm O.  

  • No I'm not charting but going to if no BFPthis cycle.  AF is due a week from today.
  • Worked well for me. Got pregnant the first month I used them, after about 6-7 months TTC. I ordered 20 of them cheap(er) from Amazon and still have lots left! Not that I'm complaining.. Big Smile
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  • I've used them for the past two cycles and while I haven't gotten pregnant, I do like them. I haven't tried the wondfos that everyone talks about yet but I like the o Ed with the smiley because they are easy to read. I didn't have luck with other OPKs where I had to decipher darkness of lines. Good luck!
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    TTC since December 2010
    BFP 6/26/12 EDD 3/12/13
  • If you get error messages call them. I did and the sent me two free boxes. One box of 20 and one box of 7. I feel so rich since they are so expensive!
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  • Thanks for the feedback and congrats! H&H 9 mos to you!  I'm hoping they worked for me....we BD' day of positive opk, day prior and 3 days prior.  I also only got a positive one afternoon. And the next morning negative so hoping that means ovulation was the day after positive opk so we have a good chance....starting to let the 2WW get to me!  AF is due Tuesday. Thanks again!
  • I am not charting but would like to start next cycle if no BFP.  Can you give me a quick overview of how to chart?  I'm having trouble searching the board for a "charting 101" sorta post.  Thanks!
  • I also Prefer the smileys to interpreting the lines!  :)
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