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Sex, Marriage & Fairytales

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Re: Sex, Marriage & Fairytales

  • I appreciate his effort, I do... it's just that I have a hard time taking marital advice from a young person who has never been married.  I also find it disheartening that his message indicates that marriage can only be truly successful is when it is rooted in religion and God, and personally I believe that non-believers and followers of religions other than Christianity have equal odds of happiness and fulfillment within their marriage.  (Full disclosure:  I am a happily married practicing Catholic.)
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  • I completely agree... I think the sentiment is nice. But as you said, others have the same chance at a working marriage as Christians.
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  • I love this guy. That is just my opinion, though.
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  • Ugh. Can't use the vomit emoticon on my iPad. 



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