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Is my body crazy or is FF? (chart stalk)

According to FF I ovulated on CD18. I've only been temping for two months now but that was about when I ovulated last cycle so I figure thats normal for me. Based on that and my CM I can agree with FF despite the strange temps.

What concerns me is my LH surge.  I'll admit that my OPK was borderline positive on CD17 but it was full positive on CD18.  Then CD19 it was a clear negative (all very normal for me I often have several days of positive OPKs). Then out of nowhere I get another positive on CD20 (and this was way positive the test line formed before the control line).  What the heck is going on.  Could FF be wrong about me ovulating on CD18? Was my body gearing up for another O on CD20? Or is it normal to get positive OPKs after ovulating? Or am I broken? 

Chart link at bottom.

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Re: Is my body crazy or is FF? (chart stalk)

  • I am def not a pro at this yet, but it's difficult to tell with the open circles.  I would hump it out just to be safe.
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  • The open circles are really unfortunate because they are at crucial times. It's possible to get a positive during O, you aren't gearing up to ovulate again (you don't ovulate twice in one month) I'd keep temping (try not to have open circles) and take a look.
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  • In my opinion, you have to wait to see what the temps are for tomorrow.  It could keep climbing higher.

     With the disturbed temps, have you tried to adjust them?  Just to see what they would be if they were adjusted?  That might help.


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