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Heavy feeling in bottom of abdomen when standing?

Does anyone get this? Its like a sharp cramp, but feels heavy (I'm not even sure if that makes sense!) and I only get it when I stand up.

Normal? Growing? 

Re: Heavy feeling in bottom of abdomen when standing?

  • I've felt this too...I think its just the baby growing as well as RLP.
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  • Totally feeling this. The muscles on the bottom of my belly are sore and my whole belly feels heavy. Today is the first day I've really felt "big"
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  • Yeah - sometimes it feels like there's a brick in there. So, I understand. Combine that with some RLP & you've got a doosy.
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  • Yes and it's rather annoying.  I told my doc and she said it was more than likely RLP, even though you don't normally hear people talk about it that way.  
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  • yes. I have felt this randomly for a week or two now. 

  • I posted about having this when waking up a couple weeks ago. I realized later that it also was happening through out the day when I needed to pee... My guess is a full bladder.
  • I didn't feel this with DD till the last month or so, but am already feeling it with this one! I know its normal but it makes me worry he's going to be huge by the end or something, lol.

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