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prepping BG

i got some BG pockets the other day and 1 kawaii. 

i'm ready to prep them. do i have to do a cold wash, hot wash, and extra rinse just to prep them? or can i just do a hot wash with detergent? or something else? 

they sent me a sample size packet of BG detergent too. i'm only prepping 4 diapers in this load. can i use just half the packet to prep?  

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Re: prepping BG

  • For my BGs I did 5 hot washes, just to make sure the absorbancy was good when we started.  I did one with detergent, then 4 hot water only.

    For just 4 dipes, 1/2 that detergent sample will be plenty!

  • If you are doing the pockets and not the elementals, the one wash should be sufficient to prep them. You don't need to do a cold prewash, since that's to get any yuck off of the diapers before the real wash. I would recommend still keeping the extra rinse however, because it's there to make sure that you are rinsing any and all soap residue out.
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