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Temp change, how much?

I will admit I am not the most consistent with checking my temps.  However, it seems that every time I do temp, it is always 97.4 degrees.  Doesn't waver by more than 0.1-0.2.  What is a more likely rise in temp?  Should I "get excited" if it goes up to above 98? 
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Re: Temp change, how much?

  • I'm pretty new to charting, but from what I have read, your temperature should go up by anywhere from 0.4 degrees to 1 whole degree after ovulation and should stay elevated for 4 days straight.  So if your temperature is consistently 97.4 and goes up above 98 for 4 days straight, chances are you ovulated the day before it was elevated.  FF has a lot of good information.  I think there should be a link to my chart in my signature (I just started charting this month), and you can sign up and get a lot of good information there. 

    Good luck!

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