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Question about after the A/S

We had our A/S to day. We are having a little girl!!! I did not have an appointment with the Dr. afterwards so we just left and celebrated with our awesome pictures. My question is will the Dr. call me if there was something abnormal or will they just discuss it at my next appt which isnt for 3 weeks since I just went last week? If you had something abnormal did they keep you to talk to you or just let you go? the tech talked about the heart and how it looked great and how she had both her kidneys and then she spent like 2.5 seconds on the brain and then moved on to other stuff. I'm just a worry wort : ) . Thanks!
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Re: Question about after the A/S

  • I can't be sure (my A/S is Thursday, and I had an appointment today - I'll be waiting 4 weeks to see my OB after the A/S), but I'd guess that when your OB gets the report, if they saw something that needed to be addressed right away, they would probably call you in. If everything is normal, you probably won't get any specific results until your appointment.
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  • I have mine tomorrow but was informed if there was a problem the doctor will be paged to come and speak with me before leaving, so I would assume everything is great!!! Congrats on the girl!!

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  • The doctor will usually tell you the same day after then if they suspect any abnormalities. That is how my OB did it when she suspected my baby had SUA back in November. When I had my A/S on the 17th this month she gave me the news that everything was normal right then and there.


  • My office doesn't so u/s and appointments at the same time either. I got a call about a week after my (second) a/s saying the OB wasn't satisfied with some of the pictures and wanted me to have a level 2. Luckily I had an appointment the next day so we talked about it then too. If something is wrong they will call. Even if something isn't wrong they still may call, so don't freak out if you see their #.
  • I got a call a week later letting me know that I needed to schedule another appointment b/c the dr wanted some better pictures.
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  • Everything looked normal at my a/s, which was after my regular OB appointment. My next one wasn't scheduled for 4 weeks and they didn't discuss it with me until then. They said they would call if they had any concerns, and no news was good news.
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  • My office gives everyone a policy sheet that states that u/s results are available in 3 days. I had an appointment immediately following, but had I not, I would have gotten a call regardless within 3 days. 
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  • I haven't had mine this time yet but last time they told me then that everything was good.  If they had seen something they would have called the dr in to talk about it right then.  I would call them and ask what their policy is.

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