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Calorie complaint

I decided before this pregnancy that because I can get neurotic about my weight and food (bulimia), that I would just turn that off and let nature take its course. So today I broke down and used to count my calories. I felt like I am eating more today than usual and didn't want to over-do. 1,660 calories when I include what I will eat for dinner. So I wondered, is that low/high? Its only 100 more calories than I ate pre-preg per day.

Are you watching calories? How many do we need?

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Re: Calorie complaint

  • From what I've read and heard from my Dr. you need an extra 300 calories a day when you're pregnant. 

    I'm not counting calories.  Just trying to eat a healthy diet and lots of snacks in between b/c I'm not gaining the weight I should be at this point. 

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  • Sounds too low to me, but I would ask your doctor.
  • I have read the same thing, that we need 250-300 more calories in the second and third trimesters.  1600 doesn't seem like a lot to me.  I am in the same boat as you, I had an eating disorder previously, and the extra calories give me a little anxiety.  I am just trying to eat when I need to, and be healthy.  But I've also given myself permission to have some treats once in  awhile too.
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  • I am not counting calories.  I do try to make mostly healthy choices, not eat for two literally and I walk 45 minutes 4-5 times a week.

    I weighed 137lbs when I got pregnant and I was told to eat around 1800 calories a day to maintain my weight (before I got pregnant) and in 2nd and 3rd tri you need 250-300 extra i should be eating at least 2100 calories a day (more when I walk)

    1600 seems on the low side.  Have you been gaining?  I would discuss your concerns with your OB because getting enough calories and enough nutrients is critical for baby.

  • I just can't explain it. Archer and I are both gaining weight (both of us on the high side of normal), but I am definitely not eating more than usual. In fact, I swear I barely ate during the 1st T.

    I guess as long as he's ok and the Dr. is happy, I should stop even thinking about it.

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  • I don't count calories either. I just have well balanced meals and make sure I'm eating so that I don't get hungry.
  • I started counting calories just this week b/c I was concerned about how much weight I've been gaining and wanted to see what's going on.  Am I just gaining b/c that's what my body is doing now, am I over doing it on the food intake, or what?   

    If you're in your second trimester, the recommendation is that you increase your intake by 300 calories over what you normally would have eaten.  1660 and only 100 over what you ate before both sound low.   

    Here's one method of calculating what you need:

     And here's one that does the math for you, but I'm less sure about their methods:

    Personally, I got a 200 calorie difference using these two, but they're probably helpful to give yourself a ballpark. 

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  • Definitely talk to your dr, but that number sounds low to me. Have you been to
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  • It doesn't sound IS low. I got really good at counting calories when I started the cutting diet... i am a weightlifter and was working on cutting fat and building muscle. I was 125 to lose weight I needed to consume 1400 high protein....really high protein.  Now to maintain my weight i would need 1800 calories. Now that I am in my second trimester I added 300 2100. I am 20 weeks and have gained 8 lbs.... found out today baby is 11 i know where its going! ":) I do not work out as extreme as i did before., if I had continued then I would have to eat a couple hundred more calories.

    I know bulimia is a disease and I am glad you are working to let it go for the health of your eating healthy could become good for you! My friends sister was bulimic while pregnant, she went into preterm labor and almost lost the baby because of it.... when they got her stable they gave her pills to help gain weight and she threw them away. family members had to crush and hide them in her food so that the baby would live. She also has lost some teeth.

    stay strong! 

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