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Time Magazine Article on Home Births

I was interested to see that the numbers are rising.  Still not for me, but interesting nonetheless.


I admit that the statistic about infant death being 3x as high is a worry to me.

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Re: Time Magazine Article on Home Births

  • it's not for me either! But I know several people who have had successful home births, including a friend who recently delivered her 10lb 8oz baby at home!
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  • Interesting article for sure. However I have read other articles and studies on home birth and it really depends on how they studies are conducted.Do these account for unplanned home births? High risk pregnancies? Cases where the outcome would have been the same?

    I have read articles that suggest it is a higher risk, same risk, and lower risk than giving birth in the hospital.

    It is definatley an individual decision just like if any choice surronding labour and delivery. You have to be confident in your decision and your midwives.

     A planned home birth here is only done if the woman is low risk and there are at least two midwives present.

    I feel there is no additional risk having my child at home vs. having them at a hospital.

    I also feel there are alot of reasons why it is safer. I could go on and on but a lot of people seem to feel it is ok to bash people that feel that home birth is their perferred option.

    I am personally planning a home birth and I am very excited for the experience. I think learning the benefits and the differences is what is keeping me from totally freaking out about the labour and delivery (so far!).

    Audrey is going to be a big sister!

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  • I think home births are fine if you're low risk and prepared to make the trip to the hospital should an emergency happen. I would never have chosen a home birth for my first baby, but maybe if it were my third or fourth and I felt confident in what I was doing. Also, you just never know when something unexpected is going to happen that will require a trip to the hospital. When I was in labor with DD, labor stalled at 9cm. I pushed for over an hour but nothing was happening and DD was getting into distress. Finally, my midwives admitted there was nothing else they could do. The situation had gone beyond their capabilities and they advised bringing in a doctor. In the end, DD was delivered using an episiotomy and forceps and I required a spinal block afterwards to stitch up my internal and external 3rd degree tear. It turned out that DD had the cord wrapped twice tightly around her head and wouldn't budge. Of course, none of this was the midwives' fault, but I was extremely grateful I was in hospital where the situation could be dealt with quickly.

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  • Hmmm, I guess that article was interesting. I think statistics reported in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology are bound to be a little biased, for sure, in favor of the profession. It took me having two hospital experiences to decide I want to have the home birth, or birth center, experience this time. Although I had a natural birth the second time, I have more thoroughly prepared for it this time. Because I want to minimize my chances of going to the hospital, I've eaten a LOT better and more mindfully than I did before, take more supplements, etc. I've also done a lot more research on pain management and the birth process itself than I ever have. Planning for a home birth has allowed me to be more in tune with my natural processes and abilities. However, I keep in mind that it is a plan and the outcome I want can be achieved at the hospital if necessary. I have such fast labors, I don't want to go anywhere this time! The other two times I was driving to the hospital and checking in during transition, NO fun.
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