Pregnant after a Loss

I was just asked to babysit

A 2 month little girl. OMG. This is HUGE for me ladies! I haven't held a baby girl since my daughter.

I said yes.... 

My heart is racing.... I think I will see if I can do it at my house that way DH can see what it will be like when we have our rainbow baby.

Someone hold me... :) I am scared shizless....

Re: I was just asked to babysit

  • (((HUGS))), pray it all goes well for you!  I had several friend pop out babies around our loss.  felt kinda nice to hold a LO, even if it wasn't mine.
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  • ((hugs)) to you lady!! I hope that it goes well!!
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  • **lurking from TTCAL**

    Wow are  on quite a roll these days.  You'll do great.  Good idea about doing it at your place so DH can get a feel for it!  Have fun!

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  • ((Hugs)) Roxy! I think this is awesome and hope it's just what you need to ease into this new season of your life. I also hope you can keep her at your house or that YH can go with you so you can share the experience (and support each other if you have any tough moments).
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  • Awww, I think it will be great! I know I never went through what you did...but I must say that babysitting my friend's little baby a month after my m/c was surprisingly wonderful. I was scared that I would be all sad and freaked out...but it just reminded me that all of the pain is worth it when you finally get your take home baby.  ((hugs))
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  • I think you're an incredibly strong and brave woman for wanting to do this.  I hope everything goes well for you and it brings you a sense of peace and comfort.
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  • Hope it goes well! Relax and have fun with her.


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  • You'll do great!  I hope you're able to feel more relaxed before then and enjoy some quality baby time.  :)
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  • Huge hugs.  This is a big step, you will do great though.  Huge Huge Huge hugs and props for taking the plunge.
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