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Snapless fitteds

What are some companies (including WAHMs) that make snapless fitteds? I know about Sbish but they seem really hard to find.
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Re: Snapless fitteds

  • do you mean a contour (no snaps or aplix)? kissaluvs has one, and I think so does GMD

    Aplix fitteds? little lions and several others.

  • Yep, I mean a contour (didn't know it was called that Big Smile). Thanks!
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  • Lots of WAHMs make snapless fitteds, or will make one with out snaps if you ask.  (Orange Diaper Co, Star Baby designs, GM, Sbish, etc..)

    Snapless fitteds and contours aren't quite the same, but similar concepts. Snapless fitteds are usually made with natural materials and are more absorbent and often have snap in soakers.  Contours often have a MF sewn in flap/insert.

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  • Kissaluvs Contour Diapers don't have snaps and are really nice materials.

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  • btw, weedle weedle usually has sbish in stock.  I've ordered from her several times.
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