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Breastfeeding deal: Mendela Nursing Set... A good investment??

HI Ladies,

 I plan on breastfeeding the little one, I already have 2 electric Mendela breast pumps.  I saw this kit advertised on

Do you think it's a good investment... would a manual pump be needed also?  Are the other goodies that come with it a good buy?  You help/advice would be apprecieated!

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Re: deal: Mendela Nursing Set... A good investment??

  • I have a manual pump I got for free from the hospital in my desk at work in case of emergencies (broken or forgotten pump) but I have never needed it, and I wouldn't have bought one since I already had a double electric.

    For the rest of that stuff - some of it is useful, but I wouldn't pay that much for it. It's not a good deal unless you are going to buy the pump anyway. Steam bags are cheap, a lot of people like the Lansinoh freezer bags and breast pads better, and it's up to you whether or not you'd use the bottles... sure it would be useful if you get it. But I'd pass and buy the stuff you really need separately on sale.

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  • Just curious, why do you have two breastpumps?

    I have the Harmony manual that I used occasionally for the first few months, but I prefer Lansinoh breastpads and milk storage bags, and I don't use the steam bags. I wouldn't bother getting this set - you might prefer other combinations of products.


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  • Thanks for the advice ladies!  I'm going to pass on it then!

    I have 2 breastpumps because my insurance is reimbursing me for one of them so I get it for free and my sister was unable to breastfeed successfully so she is giving me hers (it isn't used) as a back up :)

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