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UCA late loss moms come in....?

I was told by the perinatologist that they would begin more intensive monitoring through my OB's office after I reach 30 weeks. My loss was at 28 weeks 3 days...which Monday is my milestone. He also checks the blood flow through the cord each time and reminds me that cord accidents can't be prevented or predicted.

Anyway, my question is, what kind of additional monitoring did you receive following loss due to UCA? I didn't press him for answers and I am extremely curious if this is as simple as kick-counts and maybe doppler monitoring?

I see my OB tomorrow and the peri again on the 15th and I will definitely be asking.

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Re: UCA late loss moms come in....?

  • So I am not there yet but I can tell you for me they will be adding NST (non stress test) twice a week. I am already getting monthly u/s monitoring and that may or may not increase to twice a month.
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  • I figured NSTs would be added in there too. I will keep this board posted so others know what to expect.
    DD#1 11.7.07 - DD#2 11.2.10 (3rd Tri Loss)- DD#3 4.18.12
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  • Hi,

    I lost our Emmy at almost 35 weeks due to a uca and I was determined this timem around to do AS MUCH as possible to not have this happen again.  

     I posted this info a few months ago about Dr. Jason Collins (whom I called and he actually ANSWERED!) And took it to my Doc.  She was on board and as amatter of fact at yesterdays apt she told me that she took some of that new info and delivered a baby early because of it (history for that patient of two 25 week losses)!!!!  WOW !!!  

     So her plan for me is two times a week testing and ultrasounds starting at 24 weeks and possible early induction.  She's doing BB testing (not sure what it's called), NST, and ultrasounds.  She said that some may call it overkill but she doesn't care.  Dr. Collins recommends weekly u/s starting at 28 weeks and if the cord is wrapped or they see a problem then home monitoring.  

    I am super pleased with the plan.  As Dr. Collins and I agree, it's all the LEAST we could do...right?

    I suggest calling Dr. Collins ( or e-mailing) and he will forward you a book to print and give to your doc, bottom line you want a doctor who is in line with helping you.  If that's not you doc...fine a new doc.  

    PM me anytime with questions.  Best of luck. 



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  • I have also spoken with Dr. Jason Collins and he is a strong advocate that UCA are preventable with the proper monitoring. My Dr has called and spoken with him also and together they came up with a plan.

    My daughter had a short cord therefor I will not be allowed to go into labor on my own. They can not tell the length of the cord from u/s so this is precautionary. I will also have weekly u/s starting at 26 weeks. Weekly NST starting at 28 weeks. And then after 32 weeks it will switch to bi-weekly testing/monitoring. I will be induced by 39 weeks at the latest but quite possibly earlier.

    The exact plan isn't set in stone as to when it how I'll deliver but havin some sort of idea puts my mind to ease some.

    I forgot about blood flow test. I know I will be getting them but can't remember what intervals or when it will start

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