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Another thrush question - no treament for LO?

Hi ladies,

I'm still battling thrush and I'm having a hard time.  Right now I am using APNO.  When I got it, I called DD's pedi and told them that I think she should get checked out, even without sytmpoms, and that both LCs I spoke with and my OB suggested she be treated.  Pedi's office said that they don't treat unless the LO has symptoms.

So now it's almost a week later.  She's getting a little something from leaving the APNO on before I BF (the pharmacist and all the literature says NOT to wash it off first) but I think that's not enough.  She now has some bumps on the inside of her lower lip, and she's been really fussy at the breast.  She also clicked a bunch when I fed her yesterday and last night.

I'm taking her in to the pedi tomorrow morning to get checked.  But my question is if they are stubborn and won't treat her, do I have any hope of getting rid of this thrush??  I am terrified I am going to be dealing with this for the next 6 months!  And also, I can't freeze and save any of the milk until it's cleared up...

Has anyone ever had this happen and NOT had their LO treated?


Re: Another thrush question - no treament for LO?

  • My doc did not treat LO because she never had symptoms and the thrush did go away. I used the nipple cream a lot more often than suggested and I also swabbed the inside of DD's mouth with a probiotic.  She never did get symptoms which I am thankful for. If your LO has symtpoms though, insist on them treating her!
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  • If they won't treat her, I would suggest doing one of two things.   Either go to a walk-in clinic and demand something for the thrush for LO (walk-in clinic doctors are usually easier to persuade to give meds than regular doctors) or you can try Genetian Violet.   I haven't tried GV because it is messy but if you apply it to your nipples the baby will get the GV on them and it will help clear the baby's thrush up too. 

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  • I have read that your LO can have it even without symptoms. If only one of you gets treated then you can end up passing it back and forth and not get rid of it. Its something that is very painful to both of you and does no harm for either of you to be treated for it even if one of you doesn't have it. Our pedi would treat LO if I had and he didn't show any symptoms. If you go in and they still don't treat your LO, I would ask for my baby's records right then and there to go elsewhere. The recommendation (last I checked) was for both mom and baby to be treated at the same time. I would ask why they aren't following the most up to date recommendations. GL, I hope you get rid of it ASAP!
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  • I had thrush with my first, but he never showed any symptoms. The doctor did give me a Rx for him, just in case it showed up.

    I know moms who have cut out sugar and grains in hopes of getting rid of thrush in them, and upping their probiotics intake (yogurt, kefir, pill probiotics are all good).

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