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3rd Trimester and hunger

Something has changed this week and I am super hungry!!!!  Like I had to get up and eat at 5 am because my tummy was growling (Sunday).  I still had some cereal a few hours later when I woke up.  Now here it is 10:30 pm and I'm starving again (after having a big taco salad tonight for dinner).  Anyone else in the same boat? 

Re: 3rd Trimester and hunger

  • I'm right there with ya lady! started about 32 weeks as well... ravenous!!! and the ultimate bummer is that I'm full after only a few bites, and then starving again in 2 hours. Our LO's are growing at warp speed now... I chalk it up to that. I'm nervous to get on the scale these days  ha ha ha

    (raising a fork in the air) Cheers!

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  • My last few weeks I was starving ALL THE TIME!!! Just smile and hop up and make the fridge run!!!  I ate so much ice cream in that last two weeks alone...Embarrassed
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  • i am feeling the same way! and when it hits its almost like I feel famished like I haven't eaten in days. Im also afraid of gaining too much weight. I am up 16lbs so far which I know is good, but if I keep eating the way I have been lately I can see that number doubling for sure.
  • Yes!!!! Started last week. I am a cereal monster right now. Its super easy but I am afraid of the scale now. Guess I will see the effects on weds at my appt.
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  • Yes and I thought it was just the modified bed rest boredom.
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  • OMG I'm starving all.the.time!
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  • I ate and ate and ate my last couple of weeks and I packed on the lbs.  I am still hungry all the time but I have remind myself I am pp not pregnant and I want to loose weight! Enjoy it while you can:)
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  • I'm right there with you.  If I wait to long to eat, I start feeling nauseous.  I've gained 2 lbs between each of my last 2 appts.  So, up 4 lbs. in 2 weeks, yikes!
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