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Co irker Insurance issue (vent)

Ok so my job has decided to go back to BCBSTx starting Feb 1st.  I had an appt with my OB last thursday, but had to move and moved it to this thursday the 2nd on the same day as my Peri appt.  

I don't mind, but I was trying to get a jump on the cards arriving and get my ID information to give to the docs.  All BCBS had was my original account from like 2003.  They suggest going to HR.  Enter the co-irker....My neighbor staff accountant is the HR person for our company.  I asked her if she had any information on the Group # because I have appts on thursday and I want them to bill the right people.  Her bright idea Reschedule my appts.  Um, I'm 34 wks pregnant, High risk for PTL and other issues.  I've already rescheduled my semi monthly OB once I can not make it another week.  Baby is kicking, so far as I know all is well.  But seriously I being PgAL I hate being late for an appointment let alone skipping one.  I keep looking at the crib all made up and just keep praying that I get to bring a baby home to put in it.  Especially if it's a boy since our first was our angel baby.  

So my plan is to wait till the 1st and call BCBS back being the actual start date I pray they have more for me.  Being that this co-irker started the month we lost our son (she was an additional temp for me being on bed rest) and she knows the trouble I go through to stay pregnant and all the issues of my last preg with DD#2 having IUGR I'm like really you want me to reschedule AGAIN this late in my pregnancy I DON'T THINK SO!

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Re: Co irker Insurance issue (vent)

  • Ugh, I'm sorry you had to deal with that. Some people just don't get it and never will. I hope things get straightened out with your insurance in time for your apps.
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