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Braxton Hicks

What's everybody else's experience with em? I'm 19 wks and Ive felt a few. Today I hadn't drank enough water and I was majorly stressed at the moment. 

Freaks me out a little cause I'm not used to it. Last pregnancy I had contractions and cramp and bleeding till 20 weeks when I miscarried. I know the difference between a contraction and the hicks. I'm just surprised its happening so early. I know some people have said they felt em early cause they were so petite. I am no were petite, lol.  

Re: Braxton Hicks

  • I would probably call your doctor in the morning giving your history. Always better the make things known and have an action plan tailored to you. Stay hydrated tomorrow!
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  • Unfortunately the more pregnancies and if you've had PTL issues pregnancies past they start sooner.  I've been feeling mine since around I guess 20 wks.  I'm 34 now and sometimes I have to really feel them to know they are BH and not reg contractions.  I know the difference, but they throw me off sometimes.  Being that they are totally irregular I know what it is.  I do mention it to my home nurse that does my 17Ps and my doc and so far no cause for concern, but I understand your concern and feelings of 'what the?" Big Smile.


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