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finally introducing Jace Matthew (long w/PIPs)

first off, sorry it took me so long to get to do this. it was the longest weekend of my life the weekend he was born, followed by a long week of recovery and getting used to being a mommy! i want to thank each and every one of you for being here for me the last nine months. i honestly can say that i wouldn't have made it without you guys - between the questions, support and nothing but love, you guys are definately my rock. i LOVE seeing all these babies born this month, and can't wait until i get to see the other babies being born as the months go by. i love you all! oh and i'm going to apologize now for any spelling mistakes/grammer errors. as everyone knows - new babies = sleep deprivation, ha.

short birth story: Jace Matthew finally entered this world on January 23, 2012 - after 78 total hours of labor ending in a c-section. He weight 7lbs 4oz and was 19.5" long! he has a full head of hair, his daddy's nose, ears and toes, and is the most beautiful thing i've ever seen in my life.

little longer birth story: i went into labor friday around noon, steady contractions that were definately in the 5-1-1 rule, but not getting more intense. i labored through riday and made it to saturdaynight. by saturday night, i couldn't talk/walk through them. then, i went to the bathroom and i was bleeding - cue freak out. so off we went to labor and delivery. we get there, get checked out and i was only at a 3. they monitored me for an hour, only to be then tell me it was all false labor because i wasn't dilating anymore and they gave me shot of demerol and sent me home. the contractions never stopped,they  got worse and worse and it was all back labor. we got home from L&D sunday morning around 6AM and tried to get some sleep. i was woken up around noon again with severe contractions. labor and delivery had me questioning myself so i just stuck it out at home. i got a shower in the afternoon to try to ease the pain, and by the time i got out i was on the bathroom floor crying in agony. we went back to labor and delivery sunday early evening, same situation - still a 3 no more progress even though my contractions were two minutes apart and getting more intense each one. got home around midnight sunday, only to be in so much pain by 3AM, i was laying on my floor bawling screaming for someone to help me so Matt picked me up and took me back to labor and delivery for the third time.

this time they kept me, broke my water at 7:00AM monday and epi by 7:30 which was heaven after laboring all weekend. i got to a 4 and stalled there for hours. i'm talking, til like 4:30. we had lots of scares of his heart dropping, so they had to do an amnioinfusion (i think that's what it was called) and add more fluid back into the womb to float him off of his cord, to the pitocin not giving him a break in between contractions even on the lowest dose. finally, i got to seven, but never got past that. the last time they checked me something swollen was keeping down the birth canal. usually you deliver at a +1 or +2, but the way things were swollen and happening, i wouldn't have been able to push until a +5 anyways. we waited another hour til 5, and they checked me again. still stuck at a seven and instead of him moving down the birth canal, he moved up. at that point, he wasn't coming out - my body wasn't letting him. so c-section at was. finally at 6:01PM on 1/23/12, Jace Matthew was born at 7 lbs 4 oz and 19.5 inched long, after 78 hours of labor. i only got to see him for 2 seconds, long enough to get a quick picture, on his way out because my body started going insane.

i had a reaction to one of the fifty thousand medicines in my system and starting shaking uncontrollably. and when i say shaking - i mean convulsing. the straps that they had me strapped to the table with came in handy, because i was going insane. it took a half and hour for them to get that under control and get me fixed up, then an hour in recovery and finally i got to be with my husband and baby boy.

i never thought my labor would be so hard in a million years, or so long for that matter. totally worth it - but i'll never do that again. next time, they won't even let me go into labor i'll be an automatic c-section probably at 38/39 weeks because my body just won't birth a baby. even with the pitocin, my cervix wouldn't dilate and the my body tried to keep in in instead of have him come out. 

the healing is taking a long time. i have to go and have my incision checked on wednesday because there is a lump on the right side that causes me MAJOR pain every time i move. it burns, and hurts, and just straight up sucks. today was our first day home alone without daddy, and it was REALLY tough but we made it (barely). i had a really hard time with him going back to work - i bawled all day sunday and about 50 times today. i felt crazy, but i just couldn't help it. now the next milestone - getting Jace circumsized wednesday Crying thankfully Matt has enough leave to take off that day and come with us so i don't have to have someone else drive us. 

there is alot more to this story believe it or not. the complete birth story is in my blog. it was VERY VERY long, but if you are interested - feel free to read about it! there's alot more pictures in there too, the bump was being stupid and not letting me post a bunch for some reason. the link is in my sig.



and now, what everyone likes the best about this posts - i introduce to you, Jace Matthew!



right after i finally got upstairs and got to hold him.



napping on mommy today, surviving our first day home alone without daddy.



and finally - this morning, with his eyes open!



and my favorite - squishy face!


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Re: finally introducing Jace Matthew (long w/PIPs)

  • Congrats! He is beautiful!
  • Congratulations! He is adorable :)

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  • Congratulations.  I know you had a long, hard labor but it was all worth it in the end.  I hope you're enjoying motherhood and bonding with your son!  He's a cutie!
  • He's so cute!!  Sorry your labor was so awful Sad
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  • He is so adorable! Congrats momma!
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  • He looks perfect!! Congrats :) So glad they got him out safely after all that laboring, and I hope your recovery speeds up and you can be back to 100% soon!
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  • He is absolutely perfect!!!  Beautiful little man, I hate that your labor was so terrible but I am glad that you went with the healthy mama healthy baby approach and he is perfect and beautiful.

    I hope everything gets more managable for you without DH home, goodluck with the Circ, ours in next week and I am terrified..

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  • I am so sorry you had such a rough labor. I hope things settle down for you soon. Congrats though! He is adorable!!
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  • Congratulations Mama!!  What an ordeal!  He's adorable and what a head of hair!  I hope tomorrow is easier for you guys. 
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  • Congrats!!!!He is sooo incredibly cute! Such a full head of hair! Love love love the squishy face picture!!!

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  • Congrats Hun! Sorry your labor sucked so bad. Welcome to the world Jace!
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  • he is adorable!! congrats!
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  • Wow! Talk about a long labor! I'm so sorry you had to go through so much, but your little boy is just beautiful. Congrats momma!!
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  • Congratulations!  What a story and what a beautiful, beautiful boy!!!

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  • He is beautiful Niki!!!!! Congrats mamma

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  • Congrats - he's adorable!


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  • I'm sorry your labor was so crazy and difficult, but you have a beautiful little boy as a reward. Congratulations and I hope you have a speedy recovery!
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  • Congratulations!!

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  • Sorry that you had such a long and rough labor, but wow--he's such a cutie!! Congrats! I hope you heal quickly.
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  • He is beautiful, congratulations!!!
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  • He is just adorable. Congrats mama, sorry it was such a hard road but like you said...totally worth it. 
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  • Oh honey, poor poor you!  What an ordeal his birth was.  78 hours of labor Indifferent You deserve some sort of diamond encrusted tiara or something.  I'm sure Jace is your prize in the end, but I think you must be a brave and strong woman to go through all that and still be smiling!  Jace is beautiful, and I LOVE the squishy face pic too!
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  • Awhhh...he is absolutely beautiful.  Congrats!
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  • what a story but glad everyone is ok - what a cutie!
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  • What a story! Congrats! He's beautiful!
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  • thank you ladies so much! we are so blessed - and greatful that after all that, we got our baby boy out healthy and safe. he is just prescious, and very good at keeping his healing mommy on her toes. yesterday was our first day without daddy, and it was tough but we made it. today i got to eat breakfest though! so we're off to a much better start, knock on wood ha.

    i wish you all the best of luck, and can't wait to see your beautiful babies make their way into the world!!! Big Smile

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  • Congrats!  He is absolutely adorable!
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  • Look at that handsome little face! SQUEEEEEE! Yes
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  • That's one very tiring journey, but I'm so glad it ended with everyone healthy and well.  Congrats on your little bundle!  :)
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  • He is a gorgeous boy!

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