Pregnant after a Loss

Poll: How long until your BFP?

I know there are a lot of different factors that go into this, but I was curious what the average was. If you don't mind, how long did it take of actively TTC until you got your BFP post m/c? TIA


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Re: Poll: How long until your BFP?

  • Ive had three m/c (five total pregnancies). They've taken between 1-3 months. I voted for 2-4 months since it took me two months this time. 
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    Trying for #2 since July 2010
    BFP 8/1/10, missed m/c, D&C 9/15/10.
    BFP 1/8/11, chemical pregnancy.
    BFP 3/4/11, measured behind all along, no more HB 4/18/11. D&C 4/29/11. HCG didn't drop, Repeat D&C 6/17/11; confirmed molar pregnancy 6/23/11.
    Forced break, including two Hysteroscopies in October to remove retained tissue.
    BFP 12/29/11! Betas @ 10 dpo = 85, 14 dpo= 498, 22 dpo = 7242
    Heard HB 1/24/12. 144 bpm!

    Luca Rose born 9/9/12! More than worth the wait!
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  • I have had two m/c's. The first I took a month break inbetween and got pg when we started up again, but lost that one also on 1/1/12 and on 1/26/12 we got our BFP again...this time it's sticking!
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  • I've had 3 m/cs. After my first, I got pg on the 2nd. After my second, I got pg on the 1st. After my third, I got pg on the 1st.
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  • It took us an entire year from the date we had our loss.  I thought it was never going to happen & was coming to terms with it.
    BFP #1 2/8/2008 - Evan born 10/3/2008 via c/s @ 38wks
    BFP #2 12/31/2010 (EDD 9/1/11) -- Natrual m/c 1/9/10
    BFP #3 12/20/2011 - EDD 8/25/12
    u/s 1/6/12 - HB & beautiful bean
    A/S 4/2 - It's a Girl!!!
    RCS on 8/20/12
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  • I got my BFP 2 days before the 1 year annniversary of our loss. And that was also my second month of clomid.
  • i've had 2 m/c.  we got our BFP on our 3rd cycle, but could have on our 2nd (missed the timing the first cycle for the hormone test and had to wait for the 2nd).

    2nd loss was a b/o, and after 2 m/c in under 6mo, it took my body 6 months to drop another egg (had really long 45 day cycles)

    10/15/10 HPT+ 10/16/10 +blood test! missed m/c found at 17w, gone at aprox 14w., D&C
    4/26/11 HPT+ 4/28/11 +Blood test! HCG 67 5/24/11 Blighted Ovum.
    6/11-11/11 Non ovulatory cycles
    12/18/11 HPT+ 12/20/11 +Blood Test HCG 165 12/27/11 Beta test HCG 6411
    12/29/11 Beta 11264 1/30/11 Wiggler w/ HB 160+
    Grow Baby Grow!!!! Please be our rainbow!
    Rainbow Born 8/22, so in love with our little girl!
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