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Anyone take Zyrtec while pregnant?

I am having horrible allergy symptoms. It just started this afternoon, but I had sinusitus over Christmas and don't want the same thing to happen. I read it's category B. My dr prescribed it to me over Christmas when I was sick so I am guessing its okay. But I am super nervous about taking anything while pregnant. Anyone Take Zyrtec while pregnant?
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Re: Anyone take Zyrtec while pregnant?

  • I am currently taking it.  If I don't take it, I get bad sinus and upper respiratory infections.  My doctor said it was fine.
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  • Thanks ladies! Now I feel a better! Not that I don't believe my Dr. but I'd rather be sure everyone has the same info as what I am getting! I'm going to take it for a few days and hope it helps me fight off whatever this is.
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  • I'm taking it problems so far and my OB is also who prescribed it for me.  A good friend took it all through her pregnancy too and her and her baby were fine so I feel OK with it.  It is also a class B like you said.  I do like that it makes me kind of sleepy so I take it at night and it seems to help me get a little more rest too!
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  • Pharmacist here.... Zyrtec is perfectly fine (intake it occasionally), but clorpheniramine (chlor trimeton) is the most studied allergy medicine in pregnancy. So if you feel like being extra cautious, grab some of that. 
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  • I take the generic, Walgreen's version of Zyrtec when needed.  It's on my approved list and I find that it works better than Claritin.  I had been on Nasonex for some time, but you can't take that while pregnant.  A few other products you can take are Benadryl (I was even told to take this when I had troubles sleeping in the 1st Trimester.  You can also take Sudafed, but I think they prefer you to wait until later in pregnancy for that.  

    I got lucky and didn't have allergy issues, but instead I've been SUPER stuffed up.  For that I use breathe right strips at night.  I've also done nasal rinses including a Neil Med and Simple Saline.  I also started putting a dab of VapoRub on my face (about where the sinus pressure feels greatest).  It helps to open the passages.  Just some other tips for ya! 

  • I've taken zyrtec though all my pregnancies. I actually take it because it helps with m/s without the side effects of zolfron.
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