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Need lunch ideas for inlaw grandparent visit

Short story-we don't have a great relationship with DH mom (long story it's his birth mom who left him when he was a child etc).  Anyway they're coming from 3 hours away to have a birthday lunch with my DD.  What would you serve?

Re: Need lunch ideas for inlaw grandparent visit

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    my inlaws like to invite themselves over so I always make something easy like spaghetti.  Actually, I made stuffed shells today for dinner and that took not as long as I expected.
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    Do you have a panini maker?  Maybe some panini sandwiches, soup, and salad?
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    Whatever my DD's favorite foods were.  It's her day, not their's. 
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    Do you have a Costco nearby?  They have the best chicken salad, made out of their rotisserie chickens.  Get some rolls and voila, easy yummy sanwiches.  They also have lots of premade salads to choose from.
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    I was going to make a similar suggestion to MamaMyers...

    You can boil your own chix and make chix salad (sometimes I get wild and throw in some curry powder and/or grapes and/or apples, but not everyone's up for that) or go to the grocery store and buy a rotisserie chix and do that without the cooking. Throw some chix boillion (I never know how to spell that) or a big can of stock, some more of those chix pieces and some egg noodles. Chop up some carrots and celery and it all looks like you made this homemade comfort lunch without a whole lot of hassle.

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