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Changes in Dog Behavior...

So, I'm from the TTCAL board, and a little background, my husband and I have two pugs, the male has always taken more to me though. During our last pregnancy, he acted out, started peeing in the house again, and avoiding me. Earlier today I caught him peeing in the house again, something he hasn't done since we lost our baby back in November. This is our first cycle TTC, and I'm anxiously awaiting my test day, but with the way my dog is behaving, I'm wondering if he can sense that I am pregnant. Has anyone had experience with their animals behaving differently while pregnant? 
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Re: Changes in Dog Behavior...

  • One of my dogs seems to be oblivious while the other one is constantly trying to crawl into my lap (she is almost 60 lbs so not a lap dog!) she has always been more into me than dh but now she is constantly in my business...she want to lay her face on my face all of the time. It is really rather annoying because she doesn't understand why I push her away when she steps on my belly. So...maybe there is something to your dogs odd behavior! Best of luck!
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  • We have 3 dogs. A lab, a pit, and an american bulldog. The lab and pit seem oblivious to anything. But everytime I've been pregnant, my american bulldog is all in my business. He literally jumps on me and then puts his head down by my uterus. The only time he's ever done this is when i'm pregnant. He's whiny towards me and acts like a big baby. It kind of weirds me out lol. Hopefully your dog is sensing something and you'll be making an intro here soon!!
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  • I have a 12 year old chihuahua, and she has never really liked to spend much time with me, she would rather be along.  For about the last 3 weeks, I think right before I found out I was pregnant, every time I sit on the couch she jumps up and sits in my lap.  At first I wasn't sure if it was because she is getting old, but everyone else thinks it is because she can sense that I am pregnant.
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  • Thanks ladies, my male pug isn't the only one acting different, our female pug, who is definitely DH's dog has been doing some of the things you guys are saying your dogs do. Jumping up on the couch next to me, or attempting to be on my lap instead of DH. We shall see, I'm hoping to test on Friday...
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  • our lab is a daddy's boy, and he started getting super cudly before we could even think of testing.  he's still super cudly (demanding attention more than usual).  can't wait for the weather to get a little warmer so we can start walking again.
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