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Mattress question (and PIP)

I know there's a nurseries board, but I never post there and would feel funny doing so... plus I just put more stock in y'alls opinions than others. :) 

So our crib came today (YAY!), and I wasn't planning on buying the mattress for a little while longer. However, how do you know which one you'll need? There's so many out there. I read firmer is better, but again- there's like 100 to choose from.

What brand/type are y'all using??? Where did you get it from? Does expensive=better??

And for your viewing pleasure (and because I'm just obsessed with it right now), our crib! :)


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Re: Mattress question (and PIP)

  • I havn't even begun to look at cribs or mattresses yet...just wanted to say that yours looks great. Love the giraffe too!
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  • How exciting, you have a crib!  And a huge adorable giraffe!! Big Smile

    We got this mattress:

    The sealy soybean, for a few reasons.  It's recommended in Baby Bargains and I went with a lot of their recommendations. Also, it's lightweight (important for changing sheets) and waterproof.  From what I gathered, foam is better then coil, but plenty of people choose coil so who knows.  So far it's great, but of course that's with no little one sleeping in it Stick out tongue  Maybe cross post on PAL since they have some experience with theirs now?

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  • we got the naturepedic no-compromise organic

    It was also highly recommended in Baby Bargains and I definitely wanted one in the naturepedic line because of how eco-friendly they are.  I picked this one bc of light it is, it will make changing sheets a cinch.  It's definitely pricier, but the mattress, crib, and glider will be the things we spending more on/care the most about.

    (read the description in the link for full details)

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  • I don't have a crib yet.  And I am 32 weeks...  I just love yours and the giraffe!
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  • With DS, we just had a standard, sort of cheep-o mattress. It was super sturdy and is still going strong. He has loved it and thought it was the most comfortable thing ever. We were able to transition it to the toddler bed from the crib. I wouldn't invest a lot of money into anything that isn't easy to clean. There will be lots of accidents...sick/throwing up/spit up and diaper accidents. The mattress we had was a plastic-y material. Now he's in a full size bed and we bought a mattress cover for the bed. I sure am glad we did because little man woke up with a stomach virus about 2 weeks ago, and if it hadn't been for the mattress protector, I may have never gotten the smell out lol.
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  • Cute crib!  I just got mine put together this weekend too and just love looking at it!  I haven't gotten my mattress yet either, but Lucie's List recommended the Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams mattress and I am considering getting it.  It doesn't have springs which is nice so they won't wear out if baby jumps on the mattress!

    and then I found out about this brand which is much pricier than others, but it has some neat features, like a baby can actually breath through the mattress so it's a lot less likely to suffocate.  Not sure which one I'm going to go with, the price difference is significant, but I thought I would throw this one out there just in case you hadn't heard of it!

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  • I don't have a crib yet but needed to chime in on how much I love your giraffe. So cute!!!
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  • I'm not even close to thinking about that stuff yet, but I wanted to say too cute!  I love the giraffe.

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