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Cloth Diapering

Cloth vs. Disposable?

I just found out I'm pregnant a week ago and I've been doing a lot of thinking. I'm leaning towards cloth diapering, but I'd like to know from experienced mothers, what are the pros and cons of cloth vs. disposable? My husband says disposable, I say cloth and I'll be staying home with baby so I win! I'd like some ammunition for my battle with him though, lol!



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Re: Cloth vs. Disposable?


    That post sums up rebuttals to all the reasons not to do cloth.

    We've been at it for 8 months. It's been fine. We've saved tons of money, tons of garbage, and my baby has had zero rash. DH is fine with it. I do the laundry, but he changes some diapers and even sprays off poo now that we're feeding solids.

  • It depends on how much work you're willing to do to keep up with them and what kinds you use.  I had started with some super cheap prefolds and covers that are one-size and also used disposables until the baby was out of newborn size (because the one-size diapers were wayyy too big for her).  I still do one-size ones, but I do ones that I can stuff an insert into in advance (after they've been washed) and those are put on easily when we're out or when the baby's at daycare.  Even H likes to use them and helps with the laundry, and he's a disposable fan. 

    There are lots of places to look online about them, but from what I've learned, it's easiest to try them and see what works for you.  There are 'diaper trials' online that you could look into for that.  Maintenance of them is pretty simple, but even I had gotten that wrong and looked into that, too.  

    There's a lot of options for you, so looking at your budget and what you might like to try are your first thing.  Shoot, even e-bay sells diapers anymore lol

    Good luck

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  • Check out the FAQs at the top of the board. It should answer a lot of your initial questions.
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  • Check out the FAQs at the top of the board.


    Pros: You can just throw them away, they tend to hold a lot of pee, you can find them at any grocery store/Target/Walmart, etc.

    Cons: Environmental impact, $$$, tons of trash, STINK, chemicals on your baby's bits


    Pros: Environmentally friendly, startup cost tends to pay for itself unless you get addicted, can use for more than one child, can resell what you don't like/your kid grows out of, cute prints, fluffy butts, trend toward fewer rashes and poo blowouts, lots of convenient options

    Cons: A bit of a learning curve, many options makes it overwhelming to research at first, some stuff can get pricey if you get carried away

  • Well......

    Cloth has the potential to save you a bundle BUT if you are going to go crazy on the designer diapers then maybe it won't. You see it all the time on the boards these mothers with insane diaper stashs. So if saving money is your main reason for doing cloth you have to be mindful of this. If you are the kind to get carried away I would advise against it if money is your main goal.

     Another thing to keep in mind is that if you have a baby with sensitive skin cloth will have you a lot of heartache.

     For laundry....My personal opinion is that it is not even a worry. For us it is an extra load of laundry every other day. Now when you take in account how much laundry you are doing anyway with a new baby. An extra load here and there is nothing at all. If you get some good detergent to begin with. I am lazy I use Rockin' Green on the diapers and all our cloths. Also if you remember not to use unfriendly diaper creams (you won't need them with cloth diapering,  we have not had a single rash since switching to cloth) you will be just fine. We bought some Grandma El's just in case but have yet to use it for anything other than minor skin irritaions on knees or elbows. Beware of the good intentions of family and friends that insist on putting good ol' desitin or butt paste on your babys tush simply because they can't imagine changing a diaper without applying a cream. 

    Husband...This is the big one! Don't expect him to treat your cloth diapers like you would plus lets face it they are not us. My hubby changes diapers and I tell him to just throw the poopy diapers in the bag and I will take care of it.We have a hanging wet bag in the nursery and he just tosses it in. I don't expect him to spray poop or remember to put a poop liner in during changes. I find its best to just spray that diaper out before doing the diaper load of laundry. I don't want to bother him with it because to him it is probably a big deal. To me spraying out a diaper is no biggie at all. Especially if your husband is voting for disposable. You could always have a little basket of disposables in the nursery for when daddy is on changing duty. I tried this too. After a couple of times he didn't even bother with the disposables.  

    Something I wish someone had told me............ get snap closure diapers!!!! I know a lot of people use the velcro and love it. For me, it was fine until my son figured them out very early on. Then he was pulling his diapers off all the time. I had to replace all my velcro nappys with snaps. I wish someone had warned me to start with snaps to avoid the problem all together.  

    There are hard core CD mammas out there and I admire you guys like crazy BUT I still use disposables (all natural brands like earths best) when I travel. Hotels ect don't always have a washing facility and you are out and about more often than not. Besides my stash is quality not quantity. I only own enough diapers for 2-3 days.

    So now I am just about to potty train my 2 yr old son and I am pregnant (22 weeks). I am excited about starting with cloth from the beginning.  I understand from my friends that prefolds and a few XS covers are the way to go for newborn sizes and I already have all my other diapers from my son. My 2 oldest were 100% disposable before I had heard about cloth diapering being so easy. So I do have a point of reference of using both kinds. 

    You did not ask but I will tell you anyway......I love applecheeks diaper covers. with prefolds. My son is a super heavy wetter so I use a doubler intended for nights around the clock. I also love grovia AIO's. because they are one size (past newborn). I am not into buying diapers every size (XS,S,M,L) too much time money and effort. AIO is just as simple as a disposable and folding a prefold into a pocket cover is almost just as simple. 

    Definitely don't think that cloth diapering is a ton of work. I am as lazy as they come and I think it is just as easy as disposables. It has the potential of costing way less. AND you have so much less trash and stink! 



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