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Post-nap tantrum/whining

Does anyone else's LO act like a completely different person when they wake up?  I swear she is like a crazy whining/crying zombie for like 15 minutes - cannot be consoled or bribed.

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Re: Post-nap tantrum/whining

  • Ugh that would be Bailey. It usually takes at least 30 minutes for him to get over this nap. I haven't figured out a way to make him better except just to let him be. 
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  • I think this is normal because I am the same way. ;) Jackson does this too. We call it his defrost period. He is just cranky and not awake. After a good ten minutes he snaps out of it. 
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  • Adam is the exact same way.  I just leave him alone for a good 30 minutes.
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  • YES! My DD is the exact same way!!! I have to majorly kiss her butt and give her whatever snack she wants to get her to snap out of it. Sometimes she doesnt snap out of it and the whining/crying lasts till bedtime. My DS is as happy as can be when he wakes up.
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  • kegkeg
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    Yep, we get that around here too.  Unfortunately, the best way I've found to combat it is an episode of Dora (or whatever the favorite show of the day is). 
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  • We get it with the occasional super-long nap. I'm guilty of it, myself. We call it "nap hangover."

    I agree with PP - I have to just walk away and leave G. alone until she's in better spirits.

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  • I call it defrosting.  I give her about 10-15 minutes to come out of it on her own, either in her room or wherever she wants to be.  I don't interact with her at all.  She comes to me when she's less zombie like.   

    I make plans to do something after her nap, I include defrosting time in my "what time I can be there" calculations.  

  • Yep. Here too, this is especially when she first wakes up in the AM. We try to ignore it and just let her get over it.
  • Sometimes Ethan wakes up perky and so happy, ready to go.  Other times he is a grump like you say.  I watch him on the video monitor and wait until he seems like he's ready.  He just last week started opening his door to come out on his own though.  I usually like to leave him alone until he fully wakes up.  I guess I can't blame him.  I am a grump after naps/morning too for a few minutes.  At school I have peeked in his room before and seen him walking around totally pissed when they make him get up.  lol
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  • Yep, Gavin is like this too.  Although, I'm like that as well, so I know he comes by it honestly :oP  I usually giv him 15 min or so to come around.  If I have to wake him, I will turn on the lights and gently nudge him.  Tell him I made him a snack and for him to come downstairs when he's ready.  If he falls back asleep, I keep prodding him or send Sophie in his room to play w/ his toys.  That one gets him up faster than anything :-)






  • Thank you guys - I seriously had no idea this was common.  Nothing snaps her out of it - I could offer her a giant ice cream sundae and she would just yell NO.

    At least I don't feel bad sitting back and laughing about it now ;)

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  • Yes, it takes Ridge another 15 minutes to full wake up if he falls asleep for a nap.


  • Oh yes. Derek does this for about 15-20 minutes after waking up from his nap. Sometimes he's crying, sometimes just cranky. Occasionally he wants to cuddle and be held for a while. He's fine afterwards, it just takes him a few minutes to fully wake up.
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